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Month: August, 2010


2 pm

3 pm

4 pm

530 pm

We’re almost there baby.



1030 am

12 nn

3 pm

6 pm

Yey for speakers! Good to listen to music that’s not plugged directly into my ears. Had a good dose of K-pop!

Everyday  I get slower and so I have to work longer hours. My wrist and shoulder are steady– not getting better but at least not getting worse. Today it was my back though– must do camel poses. And oh! I found that the scaffolding they gave me was stable, so I practiced my knee hold and extended butterfly! YEY!

My eyes need a break, too. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m looking at anymore.

It really helps that there are more people around. I don’t feel so lonely that way.

an army of flowers

handmade photoetched flowers

handpainted on one side

zadok laying them one by one

there are 20,000 flowers to be planted

This is Zadok and his work. We share the same space at the yachting center– I am quite excited to see how the finished pieces will look together.


3 pm

530 pm

7 pm

8 pm

For the first time I can say that my drawing is finally taking shape!

I like that Zadok and his team were there today– human contact! I didn’t feel so isolated anymore. Even if I was a lot slower today because of the scaffold (FEAR of heights!) and my wrist, I didn’t really mind. I also didn’t notice that it was already dinner time– thank God for volunteers who remind me to eat.

My volunteers are the best; I’m extremely lucky. Elly, my volunteer today, is taking me to the amusement park next Sunday, and will treat me to ice flakes 🙂  She also stayed overtime today to help Zadok. These kids are all so hardworking and generous! I wish all kids were like that.

The past 2 weeks were hard– I drew and drew everyday, and it never seemed to get finished. The next two weeks are going to be harder– My work will consist of a lot of tweaking– things that probably most people wouldn’t notice in the drawing anyway. The next two weeks will be about trying to match the drawing on the wall with the image that’s in my head.

Oh, no dancing happened tonight, except in my hotel room, but that’s ok. Seeing my work finally looking like how it’s supposed to look– that beats hiphop any night.

now it feels like home

I met some artists participating in the Biennale today. I especially like Yishay Garbasz, and Celine and Zadok Ben-David. What lovely lovely people!

Celine and Zadok stay in the same hotel– yey I have neighbors! Neighbors who cook! Haha. Just like Mario and Monster before. I love having lovely neighbors.

Celine also does Oriental dance– belly dance, gypsy dance. I love her already.

Ok this post is not making sense because I am tipsy. Thank you to the Biennale team for that very filling dinner, and thank you Mr. Azumaya for the round of drinks.

Tomorrow we go dancing!


12 nn

4 pm

Today was awful. Too much construction going on, too much noise– lots of drills, some hammers, some welding, lots of metal banging around– what a great big ear-splitting headache. Can’t think.

Plus, my wrist is killing me. PAIN.

can someone please just give me a pole


i miss my polecats!

that was an awesome gig guys. we better have a welcome back gig!


11 am

2 pm

3 pm

430 pm

Everything hurts. But I think once you get past the pain… then anything is possible.

Other artists have arrived and started doing their work. Yey! I don’t feel so alone anymore. It’s like there’s someone sharing the burden of installation with me.

Hmmm I am still deciding if I should put boulders in this drawing.

Today wasn’t so bad. Tomorrow, another round!


11 am

12 nn

3 pm

430 pm

I started wearing wrist support today. It helped a bit. My arms, though– feel like they’re being torn from the shoulder. I better get super toned deltoids from all this.

Fatigue is also slowly creeping in. At around 3 pm I totally blanked. I think I sat through one whole Maxwell song just staring at the wall. My usual NuSoul playlist couldn’t get me dancing today.  Also, a lot of construction work was going on at the Yachting Center today. It was loud, too loud. Too many people. Too much mess.  I wanted to be a brat and throw a tantrum. Well, of course I didn’t. But that’s how I know I’m tired– my tolerance for everything is just lower.

Thank God for Eun Young, my volunteer for the past 3 days. She is my favorite. She surprises me with cold coffee, and looks for salsa and yoga classes for me. She helps me choose nail polish remover. Today she brought me grapes.

A Belgian artist has arrived with his assistant, and they’ve started doing some sort of organic graffiti. Maybe I should bring an assistant next time? The thing is though, who would want to be an assistant? And, I hate the feeling of having to look out for another person, it takes up too much mental space.

Drawing days are starting to get longer. Anyhow, tomorrow we fight another round.


10 am

12 nn

230 pm

430 pm

Today my left hand did half the work, plus I wrapped my right wrist with Mueller tape. But, of all the days to lose my roll of  Mueller tape!! HAVE TO find a proper substitute tomorrow.