oh my wall!

by christinady

wow that's a big wall

Today, the exhibition team brought me to the yachting center where the biennale will be held. OK– that’s how big my wall is. Good luck to me!

The wall will be finished tomorrow, so while waiting, my escort Dana will take me to the beach. Yey!

This morning I did my groceries in Shinsegae– the largest department store in the world. Tomatoes here are huge! Also got some yakult-like thing, which came out at 10php per bottle. Not bad! I also got bread, tuna, mackerel, lettuce, gouda, jap mayo. All for 14,660 KRW which is less than 600php, and which should last me until Saturday.

trying to eat healthy

I told Dana about Shinsegae, and she said, OK I’ll bring you to a better store. Across from Shinsegae is Homeplus– a lot cheaper, and open 24 hours a day!!! I love it! A 24-hour supermarket. I will go there tomorrow, maybe at 5 am, just to stock up on food for my baon while I work on my drawing. Dana also said we will go ice skating in Shinsegae. Her words of wisdom, “If you can stand, you can skate.” ^^

Everyone here has been very friendly. Also, everyone’s been talking to me in Korean, I guess I look like one!

Tonight is dinner with biennale director Takashi Azumaya, with the whole exhibition team.  Yey!