by christinady

This is my work that got me into the biennale. This is ‘Soaplands’, and is more than 80++ ft long. I made it for the CCP– it covered the entire 2nd floor hallway! It’s rolled away somewhere in the Silverlens Lab storage; hopefully someone buys it. I feel bad for artworks that don’t get sold– it’s like they’re the non-cute kids. Neglected. No one wants them. Although maybe no one wants this one because it’s just too big.

I had to stay in one of  my friend’s empty rooms to make this, as my 20sqm live/work space was just too small. Even Ike’s room was too small. I had to work on this 8ft at a time. It took a total of 3 weeks, 3 boxes of chips ahoy chewy chocolate chip cookies, bags and bags clover chips, and countless McDonald’s deliveries. It was probably one of the unhealthiest times of my life ^^

I actually get fat everytime I do art full time. Fitness over 30yrs is extremely difficult! It’s not so much that I eat unhealthy– although of course 3 big macs a day isn’t good for anyone– it’s more of the lack of activity that destroys me and my abs.

Once I get settled into my routine here I will figure out a fitness regimen. No pole studios around. No salsa place as far as I know. Help!