david takes on goliath : drawingday#1

by christinady

10:00 am

11:00 am

12:00 nn

1:00 pm

Non-stop work from 10am til 1pm. Not bad. Progress going well.

My first time to use Cretacolor Chunky Charcoal– I am in love with this charcoal. I love its super smooth texture and giant size. I also gave in to using gloves. Gina Fairley if you’re reading this, please jump for joy ^^ I realized my fingers will die if I don’t. It feels weird, I miss the feeling of charcoal on my hands, but it’s OK. Kinchanayo. Special thanks to Sung-woo for taking care of all my needs.

Remember Zoolander working in the coal mines? That’s how I looked after today’s work. No kidding. I realized I needed a LOT of face wash. Off to Homeplus to get some Face Shop Black Bamboo Deep Clean. Plus more gloves.

Sung-woo and Dana have been teaching me Korean, and I realize the book I bought in Fully Booked in Manila is NOT GOOD! Sayang! (Btw, sayang in korean means regret.)

Ok, na pigunhaeyo! Rest today and tomorrow. Back to work on Monday!