taking a bite out of the big city

by christinady

It’s great that I’m alone here– I’m forced to go out of my comfort zone. I’m forced to learn to speak Korean, read Korean. Today I managed to watch Step Up 3 in Shinsegae CGV Starium. I can pick out key words in a sentence! The girl said something something wen-jok– AHA! Wenjok means left. And true enouh, the 3D theater was on the left side.

I actually just wanted to curl up in bed today, and not do anything. But, well, I’m here, so I might as well make the most out of my trip.

Well, my tummy’s making the most out of it! Everyday is new food day, except for breakfast, which is made up of my grocery items. So here’s some of the stuff I’ve been eating– this isn’t even the half of it. When Koreans eat– they EAT!


p.s. look, that’s Melon Pon de Ring, with their Pon lion mascot. I got a free fan today! Haha. But, the melon pon tasted weird– like pineapple but weird. This weekend maybe I’ll try the chocolate pon.