food post!

by christinady

For DSJ, who said I should take a photo when I eat bibimbap.

Here it is! This is the san chae bibimbap– mountain vegetables bibimbap.


My new escort WanJu (who is the boyfriend of my previous escort Dana!) bought me read bean ice cream today. Tomorrow he says we will eat noodles and melon ice cream!

Apparently, melon is a big thing here. Green melon. Hmmm. Also, watermelons here are expensive. No mangoes. Some pineapple. Some dragonfruit. Some apples. Some fruits that I don’t know.

They have lots of milk, and yakult-type things. Oh and the junk food! Everything looks so cute! I avoid the junk food lane in the supermarket, but Dana and Wanju give me some everyday. So sweet 🙂

snack gifts

Tried the Lotteria squid burger yesterday– spicy! It was the lowest-calorie item on Lotteria menu at 367 calories (the other burgers were 800 calories!). Not bad, but I prefer non-fast food. Wanted to try the Dunkin’ Donuts too, but as in the Philippines, it just didn’t look good here. The donuts didn’t look fresh, and didn’t look tasty. Mister donut is the way to go. Just not the melon pon please!