in praise of small things

by christinady

So, yes, I make big drawings. This one for the biennale is I think, 20m x 4 m.

But what I really love  are tiny line drawings. I make them everyday. Sometimes just 1. Sometimes 20. Once, for a show, I made more than 600.

I have a new series of drawings– GIRLS. These were the drawings I showed in the recent Manila Art Fair:



more girls!

And since I made a lot, and am making a lot more, these will probably be in the next few shows. And oh! These are scans of my drawings. First time my drawings ever fit in a scanner. ^^

There is something about the simplicity of just a line, just a clean line in a drawing that I love. It’s like all the unnecessary fluff has been removed. There is no hiding behind tones. No awe-inspiring scale. Just that line on the paper. Sometimes I think a tiny line drawing is the most honest drawing of all.