by christinady

11 am

12 nn

3 pm

430 pm

I started wearing wrist support today. It helped a bit. My arms, though– feel like they’re being torn from the shoulder. I better get super toned deltoids from all this.

Fatigue is also slowly creeping in. At around 3 pm I totally blanked. I think I sat through one whole Maxwell song just staring at the wall. My usual NuSoul playlist couldn’t get me dancing today.  Also, a lot of construction work was going on at the Yachting Center today. It was loud, too loud. Too many people. Too much mess.  I wanted to be a brat and throw a tantrum. Well, of course I didn’t. But that’s how I know I’m tired– my tolerance for everything is just lower.

Thank God for Eun Young, my volunteer for the past 3 days. She is my favorite. She surprises me with cold coffee, and looks for salsa and yoga classes for me. She helps me choose nail polish remover. Today she brought me grapes.

A Belgian artist has arrived with his assistant, and they’ve started doing some sort of organic graffiti. Maybe I should bring an assistant next time? The thing is though, who would want to be an assistant? And, I hate the feeling of having to look out for another person, it takes up too much mental space.

Drawing days are starting to get longer. Anyhow, tomorrow we fight another round.