by christinady

3 pm

530 pm

7 pm

8 pm

For the first time I can say that my drawing is finally taking shape!

I like that Zadok and his team were there today– human contact! I didn’t feel so isolated anymore. Even if I was a lot slower today because of the scaffold (FEAR of heights!) and my wrist, I didn’t really mind. I also didn’t notice that it was already dinner time– thank God for volunteers who remind me to eat.

My volunteers are the best; I’m extremely lucky. Elly, my volunteer today, is taking me to the amusement park next Sunday, and will treat me to ice flakes 🙂  She also stayed overtime today to help Zadok. These kids are all so hardworking and generous! I wish all kids were like that.

The past 2 weeks were hard– I drew and drew everyday, and it never seemed to get finished. The next two weeks are going to be harder– My work will consist of a lot of tweaking– things that probably most people wouldn’t notice in the drawing anyway. The next two weeks will be about trying to match the drawing on the wall with the image that’s in my head.

Oh, no dancing happened tonight, except in my hotel room, but that’s ok. Seeing my work finally looking like how it’s supposed to look– that beats hiphop any night.