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Month: September, 2010

drawing timelapse

Had to show my Busan work at a party last night. Here’s the rough edit.

Thank you to Romeo for the music.


last night of seas

Goodbye Busan, I will miss you.

seas and sky


night sea

I think I’m the first artist who’s finished; hence, I am the most stress-free artist you will find here. It helps that the water is just 2 subway stops from my hotel. Water calms me down.

Being the first artist that arrived here, I’m also lucky that I got a great room. Here’s my morning view.

good morning!

I’m going to miss this view. I’m going to miss the ocean. I’m going to miss everyone.

28 days / Tides

Untitled / Tides

28 days after I land here in Busan– here is my drawing of the ocean.

It’s Untitled, because I did not know what I was going to draw until I got here, but now that I am making a video of the process, Romeo has generously volunteered his song “Tides” as accompanying music.

I am happy that it’s finished. I really want that drink. But also, I wish it were bigger. I always say this after a drawing: Oh if I’m still alive– then I can still draw some more.

a whole street of books!


more books

and more books!

This is, well, Book St. in Nampodong.

I ended up buying a beginner’s English-Korean dictionary. With pictures!

Thank you to lovely Miryeong for taking me here 🙂

waiting days

The past two days have been pretty steady– just waiting for my lighting to be changed before I do final adjustments.

My wrist has returned to normal; my shoulder almost so. It’s also good that I don’t see my drawing for a while so that I’ll have a clearer perspective when I see it again. Sometimes, really, I blank out on my drawing– I have no idea what I’m looking at anymore.

What’s even better with all this non-work time is that I get to spend time with the team, the artists, and the volunteers. Most volunteers are university students, and so we talk about their love lives, k-pop, and fashion.  Some teach me Korean dance moves, some teach me conversational Korean, but most  teach me bad words like 찌 질 이 !

The biennale team is also just awesome. Mr. Azumaya, the director, is one of the kindest and funniest guys I’ve ever met. I guess that’s important– everyone from the staff to the installation team is very kind and has a sense of humor. Walang masungit. Everyone’s been really generous with their time and energy.

Of course, I’m lucky that my coordinator and I get along well. 김 성 우 has been very efficient and accomodating. He allows me to bug him because I have no one else to bug here. He also doesn’t get mad even though he’s been the object of all the nasty words I’ve been learning. Today, he told me maybe it’s better I don’t learn Korean anymore.

The other artists have been great as well! Yisha who has inspired me to fabulous at the opening, Celine who gives me music, Zadok who has a joke for me everyday, Shih-Chieh who has a whole docu about 80 cats in his iPhone. It’s such a wonderful feeling seeing all these artists with their work, their process; talking to them about ideas and possibilities.

I’m really lucky I’m in this biennale with all these wonderful people!  These words are not enough to explain how I am feeling. Right now, the world seems so big and fabulous and wonder-full!

And OH! I came out in a Korean art magazine–

article about the busam biennale

need to trx my arms!



11 am

430 pm

530 pm

8 pm

After yesterday’s melodrama I am now back to normal. Sort of. Easy day, just cleaning up some tones on the drawing, doing an interview for a Busan newspaper,and waiting for my lighting to be installed.

I listen to some bachata in the morning– my mind’s a-rolling with ideas for partnering with Tomcat AJ. My ipod gets some rest in the afternoon as Celine lends me her Shpongle sounds. I love it! I feel like I’m in another world where everything is in color and moves in slo-mo.

At night we check my lighting. It’s not working, it’s a bit weak, so I will have to wait several more days before I put final touches on the drawing.

On a happy note, Zadok is finished with his work Blackfield! He moves into the museum tomorrow for another installation.

GAAAAHHHH I want to to finish this work already! I want a drink!!!


I really feel schizo sometimes.


1030 am

130 pm

3 pm

6 pm

There always comes a point in my drawing when I  want to breakdown. It’s usually at the 80% mark— I’ve been working so hard, I’m so tired, and yet, the freaking drawing is NOT finished! And that point was today.

Drawing can be very difficult physically. But I don’t really mind that. Physical fatigue isn’t hard– I rest, get some sleep, eat some peanut butter, then I’m ok. Mentally– ok this is a bit harder, but I can manage that. But emotionally— this part I hate the most. Drawing takes out so much from me. It’s like having a whole relationship start and end in the span of a drawing.

And I guess this drawing is harder than most, because after I work, there’s no one to talk to, no one to have a drink with. Times like this you realize how important human contact is. Chatting is good (thank god for internet or I would’ve gone crazy already!), but to actually sit beside someone, share some laughs– that’s altogether different. I think if someone hugged me right now I would cry.

But we’re almost there. Ten days to go then I’ll be back home.


130 pm

4 pm

6 pm

830 pm

I can see the end already! I’ll be done on Monday, I hope, if the lighting gets finished before then. Need to adjust my work with the actual lighting.

I like my work pace now. Quite steady. Time to chat with  Zadok and Celine and all the volunteers. Everyone’s really just pleasant and generous! My first week I was just working like mad to make sure I finish this drawing on time. Now that I’m sure about that, I am quite enjoying doing this drawing. It almost came to the point when I hated this drawing!

At the end of each workday, I sit in front of my drawing and just contemplate. What does it look like now. What do I want it to look like tomorrow. Maybe more grays? softer lines? And  I do this while listening to Beck’s Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime– the only song now that can make me cry. Why why why do I torture myself?