by christinady

130 pm

4 pm

6 pm

830 pm

I can see the end already! I’ll be done on Monday, I hope, if the lighting gets finished before then. Need to adjust my work with the actual lighting.

I like my work pace now. Quite steady. Time to chat with  Zadok and Celine and all the volunteers. Everyone’s really just pleasant and generous! My first week I was just working like mad to make sure I finish this drawing on time. Now that I’m sure about that, I am quite enjoying doing this drawing. It almost came to the point when I hated this drawing!

At the end of each workday, I sit in front of my drawing and just contemplate. What does it look like now. What do I want it to look like tomorrow. Maybe more grays? softer lines? And  I do this while listening to Beck’s Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime– the only song now that can make me cry. Why why why do I torture myself?