by christinady

1030 am

130 pm

3 pm

6 pm

There always comes a point in my drawing when I  want to breakdown. It’s usually at the 80% mark— I’ve been working so hard, I’m so tired, and yet, the freaking drawing is NOT finished! And that point was today.

Drawing can be very difficult physically. But I don’t really mind that. Physical fatigue isn’t hard– I rest, get some sleep, eat some peanut butter, then I’m ok. Mentally– ok this is a bit harder, but I can manage that. But emotionally— this part I hate the most. Drawing takes out so much from me. It’s like having a whole relationship start and end in the span of a drawing.

And I guess this drawing is harder than most, because after I work, there’s no one to talk to, no one to have a drink with. Times like this you realize how important human contact is. Chatting is good (thank god for internet or I would’ve gone crazy already!), but to actually sit beside someone, share some laughs– that’s altogether different. I think if someone hugged me right now I would cry.

But we’re almost there. Ten days to go then I’ll be back home.