by christinady

11 am

430 pm

530 pm

8 pm

After yesterday’s melodrama I am now back to normal. Sort of. Easy day, just cleaning up some tones on the drawing, doing an interview for a Busan newspaper,and waiting for my lighting to be installed.

I listen to some bachata in the morning– my mind’s a-rolling with ideas for partnering with Tomcat AJ. My ipod gets some rest in the afternoon as Celine lends me her Shpongle sounds. I love it! I feel like I’m in another world where everything is in color and moves in slo-mo.

At night we check my lighting. It’s not working, it’s a bit weak, so I will have to wait several more days before I put final touches on the drawing.

On a happy note, Zadok is finished with his work Blackfield! He moves into the museum tomorrow for another installation.

GAAAAHHHH I want to to finish this work already! I want a drink!!!