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Month: December, 2011

movie marathon!

Today was movie marathon day! I’ve never seen a gay film, so I decided it was time to do so. I asked Kit, who was more than willing to help. His only warning: Bring something to do during the downtime!

And there was downtime! Some of which we fast-forwarded through. Kit and I watched a total of 6– yes six!– movies. At one point, Kit’s dad walked in and asked what we were watching, and Kit said ‘indie movies’, to which his dad replied: ‘So it’s either violence, poverty, or homosexuality’ and  promptly walked out. I love this family!

930 am We started the day with breakfast of scrambled eggs, macaroni soup, and salabat. Beside us were Johnson and Maxi, who could say ‘Wowowee’ among other fun things!


There’s a beautiful painting in Kit’s room:

I forgot the name of the artist, but she worked with a dance company and thus had photos of dancers on which she based her work on. I like!

Kit also gave me a nice surprise–  a magazine photo of (my next collaborator) James Franco:

This was our sustenance for the remainder of the day: natural popcorn, with melted real butter and m&ms! It’s the perfect mix of salty and sweet.

Some of the movies were slow, so Kit had time to wrap some gifts. One was labelled: gay gift! See below:

James, Minka the cat, and me, during the 6-movie marathon! It’s the first time I’ve ever sat beside a cat without having the urge to throw it out the window.

We realized we didn’t eat the whole day (we were full from the eye candy in all the movies!), so we went to Poco Deli in Kapitolyo to have lunch at 6pm.
IMG_1509Kit had bacon slab, I had gourmet tapa. Food here was good and reasonably priced, too.

I cannot divulge which movies we watched today, but — IT WAS FUN! Such an eye-opener.

I also learned a lot, too– like how to put puso ng saging as an extender in sisig. Hahaha.

1030pm Then dinner with Al at Kozui along Tomas Morato. This is him trying to stuff his pumpkin wrap up his nose:

Like Kit, I met Al just this year. He briefly took pole classes with us, then things, well, got complicated.  But all’s that done, and tonight we decided there’s really no way any collaboration’s going to happen, that we should go our separate ways and pursue our different artistic visions. Or something like that. I have some art projects I thought I could use Al for, but, nope, not going to happen.

So now, back to looking for a collaborator. James Franco where are you?


Thoughts on time and 2012

Gift-giving is not yet over!

Dec 26, Monday, 1030pm

Merry Christmas Nor! He asked for conversations over a peppermint brownie, so here it is–


I met Nor on the set of Mansyon, I was the PD, he was the AD. He wore shirts and slippers that were way too big for him, plus he had this undercut hair that looked goofy. We worked together in Big Time where he was one of the main characters. Fortunately for him and the film, I was able to convince him to wear clothes that were his size, and to cut that silly hair off. It was also during Big Time that Nor got hooked on peppermint brownies– one shoot day, co-star Jamie Wilson came with some and since then, every Christmas season, Nor looks forward to eating these at Starbucks! Good times!

While waiting for our brownie, he asked about my gift-giving policy this year, if it actually saves me money. (This year, I wasn’t going to give out objects, but only my time. So far there have been ukay trips, lots of meals, some pole tips, old books giveaways.) I think I spend a bit less money, but just a bit. But the point is to not spend; the point is to spend on things that are meaningful.

Aside from money, this gift-giving policy also costs me so much of my time. But again, that’s the point: to spend time on things that are important.

I’ve been obsessed recently with the shortness of life. The thought of dying right now– it’s not so bad. It’s not like I’m waiting for anything (retirement, a kid to graduate, etc) before I actually live out my dreams. Whatever I think I want to do, I do right now.

It hasn’t been the most practical policy on living, but my life has certainly been fun!

We talked a lot about fear, time, life, death. About just going for what you dream of. Not wasting any more time thinking of what-ifs. Once, he picked me up at 2 am to go get food because anxiety about the future was causing him sleeplessness. That Nor has been replaced with a more fearless Nor. Go for it!

Anyway, he just finished doing CareDivas for PETA. I missed it!!! But ooh, he’s going to play King Lear next year! Let’s all go and see that!

Our next project is to bake peppermint brownies (so it’s christmas everyday!) and arrange piano lessons for his daughter Iana–  lessons from me, with corresponding compensation of fruit ice from him. Sounds like a good deal!


Now it’s come to that time to think about how to make 2012 even better. If the Mayans are right, then the world will end next year, so the more we have to make each day count.

Here are some of my ideas/plans/dreams for 2012:

1. Do something new each day.

I used to practice this, then I got injured and depressed. That’s when I realized I have to be grateful that I am whole. And that I should be going out there– to not waste time and to use what’s been given to me.

2. Make some music.

And probably an artsy music video to go with it.

3. Design for a ballet (an original Filipino one, I hope!).

4. Design costumes for a movie. Or sure, even sets. I miss doing films!

5. Make this blog more useful.

Instead of just recording memories– I’ll put in useful info on just about whatever I learn along the way.

I also want to interview people that I find interesting, and see what makes them tick, and just post here. I always get inspired by the stories of other people!

6. Host a show.

I really really want to host a show for the Manila Symphony Orchestra– I’d love to introduce the pieces and explain them a bit to the audience. Or maybe host a show at the classical music station 98.7. I do not have any musical background except for being a classically trained pianist, but I think I’ve shown that I’m a fast learner.

7. AND OF COURSE, more art.

I’m pretty sure this list is gonna get revised as the months go by, but at least here’s a starting point.

What do you want to do next year? Happy new year!


Recipe: Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

These were the cupcakes we made last week. Here’s the recipe. Tip: Better to make mini-cupcakes as these are on the sweet and heavy side!

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Yield: 12 cupcakes

8 tbsp (1 stick) unsalted butter, cut into 4 pieces

1/2 c  bittersweet chocolate, chopped

1/2 c cocoa powder

3/4 c all purpose flour

1/2 tsp baking soda

3/4 tsp baking powder

2 eggs

2/4 c granulated sugar

2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 c sour cream

1. Preheat oven to 350F.

2. Combine: butter, chocolate, cocoa in a heatproof bowl. Melt over saucepan with simmering water. Set aside to cool.

3. Whisk flour, baking soda, and baking powder in a small bowl.

4. In another bowl: whisk eggs; add sugar, vanilla, salt. Add cooled chocolate mixture until combined. Sift one-third of flour mixture over chocolate mixture until combined. Whisk in sour cream until combined.  Sift remaining flour mixture until batter is homogenous and thick.

5. Divide batter evenly among muffin pan cups. Bake until done, 18-20 minutes. To test if it’s done: insert a toothpick into center of cupcakes: it should come out clean.

6. Cool cupakes until cool enough to handle, around 15 minutes. Lift out of baking pan, and cool to room temperature before icing, around 30 minutes.

Peanut Butter Frosting

1 c confectioner’s sugar

1 c creamy peanut butter

5 tbsp unsalted butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp salt

1/3 c heavy cream

Place the sugar, peanut butter, butter, vanilla, and salt in electric mixer. Mix on medium-low speed until creamy. Add cream and beat on high speed until the mixture is light and smooth.


Thinking of making red velvet cupcakes this week with Drea and Cathy. What other cupcakes should I try?

Christmas weekend fun!

My memory’s getting really bad, so it’s nice having this blog to remember things by. But maybe in 2012 I’ll try to make this blog more useful….but in the meantime:

I’m not really the Christmas-y type, but this year I made an effort to really enjoy the holidays! This Christmas weekend was full of gift-giving, eating, and– aha!– even baking!

Dec 21, Wednesday

230 pm I met up with my good friend JD who now lives in Singapore. Last time I saw him was in June this year when we went to SG for the SG Pole Challenge. For his Christmas gift, he asked for coffee/merienda when he visits. I said yes.

I met him maybe in 1997, we were both part of this organization called the Ateneo Musician’s Pool (AMP). He was with the band Rubberduckies, I had my own all-girl band that did covers of En Vogue and Groove Theory and all that (I should find videos of all this!).

For our coffee gift, I took him to my favorite coffee shop– subspace coffeehouse along Emerald in Ortigas.


such a cool looking place!



We talked about, among other things: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, being a packrat and letting go, grandmothers, shaving heads.

Subspace is the brainchild of my friend Thor, who I met several years ago– he still worked for Filipinas Heritage Library and I used to give drawing classes there.




the friendly and efficient staff of subspace

Their peanut butter latte is yum, but makes my tummy funny (damn you lactose!);  I wish they had a soy alternative.

I love subspace’s interiors. Not very clear in these photos, but there lots of nooks and crannies with interesting items; they also have the best mix of chairs and tables. Not surprising since Thor also runs an interiors/furniture shop just down the street.

Plus if you’re a Koreanophile, this is the place! Thor loves all things Korean, and sells Korean merchandise as well.


merry christmas from subspace!

As a Christmas gift, Thor gives us subspace GCs. YEY! It’s really a Merry Christmas!

Dec 22, Thursday

9am It’s a healing morning at St Luke’s Global’s center for Complementary Medicine.

Kit organizes a therapy morning for the Polecats– myotherapy, acupuncture/moxa/ventosa, plus acupressure and relaxing massage.

Myotherapist Miguel del Prado says I have tendonitis of the elbow, bursitis at my shoulder, and that my left middle finger is misaligned. He twists and pressses and pushes, and yey, i’m fixed!

Acupuncture by Kit was administered to help drain fluids from my joints, also to promote healing.

Acupressure– aside from the usual health points, the therapist DJ showed me some cool stuff, like points for moisturising the skin.

Lastly, relaxing massage by Emily, and I wanted to just sleep right there for the whole day.

(No photos here as my camera ran out of battery.Oops!)

Thank you all for making us whole again!

5pm AJ and I made cupcakes for the Polecats family dinner, with much support from the Polecats and Pong.


get some ingredients.....


add friendship and love.....


.... voila! dark choco cupcakes with peanut butter frosting!

Dec 23 Friday

3pm I drop by 360 Fitness Club for circuit training. Their motto: workout before pig out. I love them.


my favorite trainers Martin, Dexter, and Jose

10 pm Polecats family dinner!

10 pole dancers, 8 police, plus paella, lasagna, lechon, bbq, liempo, lechon manok, chocolate cupcakes, lemon cupcakes, food for the goods, a pizza as big as me, beer, coolers, vodka, chips, bibingka. Merry Christmas pole people!


amaya's paella!

Dec 24  Christmas eve at the Naciancenos

This is my second Christmas with them. Last year we watched Lord of the Rings, Battle of Helm’s Deep and had turkey.


gino, miguel, tita anne

This year, Gino grilled some steaks. After dinner we then watched — Justin Bieber’s Never Say  Never! Wow, i’m now a Belieber! I must say, that kid has talent, and works so hard. He deserves all the success he’s been getting. Side note: I complain too much about my life. I should be working as hard as this kid.

Midnight, and it’s gift-giving time. Mignac is now a biking buff, so this is what Gino got him:


gino's gift to mignac

And then, the best gift of the night :


Tita Anne's gift to me

Midnight also means midnight snack. This year it’s ensaymada, lengua de gato, quezo de bola, and  I brought tsokolate:


lengua de gato, quezo de bola, tsokolate

I make the heart out of lengua and quezo as my ode to Justin Bieber. Merry Christmas!

today: FTW + Furball

I’ve given up trying to get some art done this holiday season, so I will just enjoy and not feel guilty about it!

9am getting ready for TV guesting at GMA 7’s FTW (for the win), their sports show. As the Polecats “Momma Cat” I usually do interviews to promote Polecats Manila and the kind of pole dancing we believe in.


momma cat bracelet from amaya

11am Today’s hosts are Miakka and Mica, both courtside reporters. The interview was more like chatting over coffee– so much fun! I like the very laid back vibe of the interview.


Kayleen, Margaret, and AJ did some demo in their tiny studio– we had to be really careful about not hitting the lights!



I loved this shoot. Everyone was just so nice. Thank you to Ceres and Odi for making things run very smoothly, and thank you to all the hosts for being very gracious (and funny!), and the rest of the crew for taking care of us.


we love FTW!

After the shoot, we taught some of the hosts some fun pole stuff.


miakka lim learning how to spin


jason webb doing a flag

Thank you FTW! We hope to guest in your show again!

8pm It’s the Christmas break of our pole classes, but we have company class to rehearse for shows and learn new things.

We try out some new doubles tricks that I’ve transformed from doubles trapeze, but they don’t quite work out yet. Oh well.

We had a visitor! Ea, from Aerial Arts Academy (AJ and I met her in HK last month for the Aerial Performance Tournament), is in town for a seminar, and dropped by the studio. We taught her some pole, and she taught us some acro-balancing. Very cool!


11pm I dropped by the Furball party.

The very first shoot I did with Furball was for a Rejoice commercial. The stylist had been let go, and they needed a replacement asap, so RA referred me. And they had been getting me as PD/stylist ever since. I’ve had so many shoots with them, I can’t really remember them anymore!

I arrived at the party just in time to catch Mads Adrias’ new band called Stranger Danger. You’re so cool Mads!

As I was going to French exit, I saw Erwin all dressed up in a suit. He’s always in a suit now, as part of his job as EIC of Esquire Philippines. We used to hang out a lot, when I would PD shoots for him and Juan Caguicla.

He is also the biggest non-supporter of my pole-dancing. He’s like a super-protective kuya. He will never write about my pole-dancing or the polecats, he will never promote it. In his words, ‘Itigil mo na yang pole-dancing mo.’ Haha. I love you Erwin!
What I love about the Furball parties is that I get to see old friends, people I used to work with a lot and hang out with a lot, before pole dancing came into my life.

The Furball office used to be in Cubao, beside the Surrounded by Water gallery which our artist group ran. Now the Furball office is in the same floor as our pole studio. What are the chances of that!

Merry Christmas Furball!

Packed weekend: Pole, Parties, & Prod Madnezz

Friday Dec 15

1pm After my regular private class, it’s time for rehearsals for the San Miguel Christmas party that night.

We did our nails, makeup, glittery lashes. We added last minute touches to our costumes. We ran, ran, and ran our routines over and over again.


nail polish from Etude House


pre-gig prep


fun falsies!

6pm We are ready.

Since the venue was a block away from our studio, and Christmas traffic was hellish, we decided to walk. We walked to San Miguel head office, in full makeup  and costumes, carrying our prop chairs and hats.

We had our own tent, they fed us very well, they took care of us. Thank you San Miguel!


our own tent!


listening and marking

8pm It’s showtime!

I was so happy to have performed here. It’s my first performance since our anniversary show Polarity, and I’ve had to sit out shows due to my injury. It was so exhilirating being able to dance again!

Right after us was Anne Curtis. So nice to run into her. Last time I saw her was at the Showtime Finals– I was her pole dance coach. I love that girl! So hardworking and does not take herself too seriously.

We were supposed to rush to another party, but the fireworks started. And well, yes, I was distracted. I love fireworks. I made a whole show earlier this year about fireworks.


11pm We arrived at Tessa’s party, severely underdressed in our pole outfits but hey, it’s a party! Let’s have fun!

It was a  Russian party, with of course, russian tea cookies, and with an on the spot ice carver, and ballerinas! A part of the living room was converted into a winter wonderland photo studio 🙂


photo by James Oliver

Since the space was smaller (the amazing decor took up a lot of space)– we ditched our plan of doing a 6-girl number and instead, Kris and Amaya did their doubles routine, and AJ did his solo.

1 am, tired and full but happy, we head home to prepare for the next day.

Sat Dec 17

1030 am  We started setting the studio up for the Polecats Party for all our kittens and tigers! We set up poles, tables, snow, prizes, everything!

By 1130 people were starting to come in. The kittens and tigers brought lots of food!

We started the party off with the name game to get everyone to know each other. Ok, too long to explain here, but needless to say, it was fun chaos! Then we had Pinoy henyo, with pole-related words only, and then pass-the-message, but instead of a message it was a series of pole tricks that the last girl had to execute on the pole.

We also raffled off prizes from our sponsors Lightwater and Belle&Cat. Thank you!

And of course, we gave away Polecats Manila merchandise– tank tops, t-shirts, calendars. The much awaited prize though were the two class cards to be given away (8 free classes!), and for fun, a private class with me.


gifts gifts gifts!

And then, the most awaited part — the performances! The classes came up with their own dance numbers. Everyone did a great job! I was so proud of all the students– for most of them, this was the first time they performed for public. It takes courage to perform– especially to pole dance!– in front of an audience. Good job everyone, that’s the best gift you can give yourself.


merry christmas kittens and tigers!

9pm Prod Madnezz party

This is the yearly Christmas bbq at Marco Ortiga’s place. I lovingly call him Tiger. I saw a college film that Tiger designed, and hired him on the spot (yes, he is good). Our very first project was a shoot on my 30th birthday, and since I had a setman named Marco, I had to give him another name to avoid confusion, hence, Tiger.


two of my favorite people in the world-- Tiger and Vicky

I met Vicky on a music video shoot set, and liked her instantly and hired her for so many shoots. I would often get Tiger and Vicky together for big shoots— so happy they ended up together!

Anyway, Prod Madnezz is the umbrella group for three different batches of production students– Steady Bear, Isaw sa Kanto, and Spork for Short. Directors, writers, cinematographers, prod managers, prod designers, stylists– they’re all here!


isaw sa kanto (ISK)


spork for short doing their traditional after-shoot high fives


it's our yearly game guesstures!


run the world girls!


losing boys' team-- can you guess this word?

Party ends at 4 am– we’re getting old. A couple of years back, party ended at sunrise!

Sunday, Dec 18

12nn It is my nephew Luke’s 2nd birthday. There’s a funny little man inside that chubby kid. Look, here he is, raising his glass for a toast–


Afterwards, my other nephew Marco lost a tooth.

We hung out at Figaro after, and my dad and I played magic tricks with Marco, and zombie hide and seek with Luke. It’s a good family day 🙂


I had coffee with Sheng Belmonte to discuss the syllabus for her upcoming pole workshop.

I met Sheng at a Christmas party in 2009; she told me she would love to learn pole. And, now two years later, she is our most advanced student.

What started as a work meeting turned out to be an afternoon of fun hanging out! I love Sheng. Such a real person. And her abs are awesome too!


7pm  Recovering workaholic Kit tried his hand at being spontaneous and picked me up for dinner. And! He brought his tarot cards with him.

Things to remember: Stop starting new projects. Let things work on their own. Even if you fret, what’s done is done. Your battles will be emotional and spiritual. And, in relationships/sex– You have it already– don’t be greedy.

Hahaha I love that last one! What a great way to end the week!

Happy birthday Joel

Since I couldn’t make it to drinking tonight, I’m writing a blog post to greet you.

joel's douchiest photo. happy birthday! 🙂

1998. I met Joel at that same Mowelfund experimental film workshop where I met RA and Paul. (See related post here.) I had just graduated from college, didn’t know what to do and my friend Clar de los Reyes dragged me to go to the workshop with her.

Joel, Clar, and I ended up being groupmates and creating a film that takes place under a dining table.

At that same time I was taking drawing classes at the Ayala Museum to cure a minor heartache. I gave Joel and Tracy Sarte a drawing– and they said I should seriously look into being an artist. At that time I was managing the band Itchyworms, plus a couple other bands, and always thought I would end up in the music scene. But Joel and Tracy had planted possibilities in my head.

2005. Fast forward, and I’m an exhibiting artist, no longer in the music scene,and doing production design for Joel’s short film Mansyon. This is one of my earliest works, and the first film I do that I really like my PD. Joel trusts me and gives me free reign in the pd department. Inspired by one of my favorite films Great Expectations, I made everything green.

video from the Arkeofilms YouTube channel

Because of Joel, I also met other wonderful people from Arkeofilms, and work on Mario Cornejo’s and Monster Jimenez’s Big Time.

video from the Arkeofilms YouTube channel

And also, because of Joel, I met collaborator Corinne de San Jose. (Some of our works here.)

I’ve always loved working with Joel and Arkeofilms. Even if shitty projects from other people are thrown my way, I always look back to that first two films I made, and I remember how much I love designing films, and it gives me the drive to make better ones. I’ll be designing a new film for him early 2012, and I can’t wait!

You could say that Joel has played a very important role in how I turned out, and you’d be totally right. Thank you Joel, for always believing in me. Happy birthday!

yesterday: making snowflakes

Today is steady snowflakes day.

1pm AJ and I were hanging out at Blenz in Megamall. As I was approaching the counter, the barista John says, “Ma’am, we have soymilk.” Awesomesauce! Last time I was there was a couple of months ago. I stopped coming because they would never have soymilk. I was ready to order some tea, but yey for soymilk! Only drawback is that soymilk can’t be aerated, thus there were no pretty designs on my soy latte.

I helped AJ make snowflakes to decorate our studio with.

Here’s my first snowflake!

5pm pole class time. It’s the last day of pole classes in our studio.As my Christmas gift to my students, I would make sure they all nail a new spin or trick today. And YEY! they all did 🙂 Good job kittens!

For most of them, it was their first time to invert on a pole today, or to do a combination spin. I’m a proud momma cat 🙂

Since it’s our last day, a lot of students brought sweets and gifts. Thank you kittens and tigers! Special mention goes to my student Nikki, who burned me some Bach. Thank you Nikki for that wonderful gift 🙂 She’s also lending me some French books (she’s a French major!), I ‘ll be lending her Korean. Or maybe let’s go Russian?

Oh, and look, snowflakes are up in the studio. It’s beginning to feel like Christmas 🙂


today: breakfast at borough (plus, i teach sensual groove!)

930am Hello Raya!

I hadn’t seen Raya Martin for the longest time. He’s just finished shooting and screening a new film (which I haven’t seen– ooops).

So it’s time to catch up and say hello over a Borough breakfast. He orders the elvis (peanut butter, banana, bacon sandwich with cream and coconut dulce de leche); I have granola and fresh fruit.


Raya trying to be all serious

We bonded when we were both awarded CCP’s 13 Artists Award in 2009. Because we both felt out of place. We’d go out drinking every night during installation.

cake version of our trophy designed by louie cordero

my work-- 360 degrees of clouds


pong in raya's installation

We were also briefly married (on Facebook!) in 2010. But that’s another story.

This morning we were just planning our power-coupledom. We’d have the best living space. All glass and artsy. We were planning our wardrobe, our public appearances. The only possible problem would be our sex life.  Haha. Nonsense.

That’s what I like about hanging with Raya– we don’t have to talk about art or film. It’s just lots of nonsense fun. We do talk about the future and our plans, but we never take ourselves or each other too seriously. We have other people to do that for us.

We have this idea of collaborating– we’ve always had that, we’ve just never known how to go about it. So now we’re thinking of maybe doing something for theater?

So many plans. But one day when we’re old and has-beens we’ll just live somewhere in the mountains in Argentina (or ok, if we’re poor then New Manila will be fine).

7pm I subbed for Mara’s Sensual Groove class. It’s my first time to teach this class! It’s a dance-based class, with a little of chair and pole thrown in. In short, it’s a sexy dance class. A SEXY DANCE CLASS!? I know how to teach pole technique very well, but a sexy dance class!?

First I chose a song. I’ve always wanted to dance to ‘Lick’ by Joi, so I chose that. Great beat, sexy lyrics, can’t go wrong with that.

Then I worked on my choreo. Wow, sexy dancing is hard. How do you make it look sexy without being obviously slutty? I started out with a chair, then moved to the pole. After an hour, choreo is finished.

Ok, I’m not posting my sensual groove class (I can still be shy!), but here’s Mara doing a short demo for our regular classes:

today: traffic, tabata, and tons of food

3:30pm Yes yes, Christmas traffic. My usual 10 minute ride to 360 fitness club became 1 hour. (wth right!) So, instead of my usual 4o minute circuit training (I do 4 rounds), coach Jose told me to do tabata so I’d make it in time for my 5pm pole class.

I love 360. The very first person I met was Jose, July 2010 right before I left for the Busan Biennale. I had heard about this new fitness center, and me being me, wanted to try it out. Jose taught me circuit training, I had fun, I saw that there was a room for group classes, and asked,who owns this place? He introduced me to Jopi, and I said, ok, I like this place, I’ll give you and the other owners a free pole class.

Since then, the Polecats have been offering regular pole classes at 360. We’ve booked ourselves and our boyfriends for the suspension training classes. We go there regularly for yoga and circuit training.

Head coach Chappy Callanta even starred in Polecats TV ep5– the abs episode!

And we performed at the opening of their second branch in Makati, July of this year.

Song credits: “Oh” by Ciara and “Please Don’t Turn Me On” by Keri Hilson

videos from Polecats Manila’s YouTube channel.

When I got injured recently, Chappy, Jose, and Martin would give me exercises to rehab my left elbow, tricep, and shoulder. I love them!

Anyway, back to tabata.

Tabata is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)– the session  in 360 consists of 20 seconds of exercise, followed by 10 sec of rests.8 exercises, 4 minutes. Most of it was cardio- burpees, jump squats, split jumps, etc. I think I’m as fit as the average person, but I was almost dying after the split jumps.

When it came to the fast hands core and push ups, I was better. Now that was a bit of weight training, which my body is used to. My body is not used to cardio! Nevertheless I did one more round. Coach Martin says I should’ve done 3.

I was so tired after I ate two bars of chocolate.

1015pm those chocolate bars must’ve given me a sugar rush– I was poling for most part of 5 hours.

Tomcat AJ and I drop by Kit’s place for a Christmas dinner. A proper one! With Christmas-themed cloth napkins, and a cake that says Merry Christmas!



aj, duds, oliver, kit-- spotting the difference between Ate Vi and Nora Aunor's versions of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Thank you Kit for that lovely dinner and for sending me home with the next day’s breakfast.

12:15am from one food trip to another. Pong picks me up and we head to Wendy’s for some 24hour food fun. Last I saw him was at the Picasso trip, but before that I hadn’t seen him for the longest time. He’s just finished shooting the horror series Shake, Rattle, and Roll for the Manila Film Festival this December.

I can’t believe Pong is already 28! I first met him when he was 23, he was a DoP (Director of Photography), I was a PD (Production Designer), we worked together on a lot of stuff and we fought a lot.

Here, we worked on Urbandub’s music video Evidence, directed by Quark Henares.

But now we are really good friends.


Pong got the steakhouse baconator


he buys me caramel macchiato, yes, P35 nescafe coffee at wendy's!

So nice to see you Pong. We can talk about anything. He helps me shop. We’ve been through some adventures (backseats and other places. JUST for drawings!), and I know we’ll be through a lot more. He pushes me to do art.  I love him because he loved me and thought I was cuter when I had an extra 20 lbs on me. Awww 🙂