Backpost: ‘Hybrids’ at Blanc Peninsula

by christinady

Silverlens Gallery put together a show on collaborations, aptly called ‘Hybrids’, at the blanc gallery, Manila Peninsula, Oct 8-25 2011.

For this show, I did my second collaboration with photographer Corinne de San Jose. (She took photos; I drew on them.)

Pencil on photograph. 2011.

(photos by Kayleen Ortiz)

Also showed some old collabs with photographer Juan Caguicla –from our 2010 show at Silverlens called Stereo. (He photographed me; I drew him. We each got half the sheet of paper.)

Pencil and photograph. 2010. first collab with Corinne was for the show ‘A Very Short Flowering Season’ at 20 Square, Silverlens Lab. (She took photos; I embroidered over them.)

16 lightboxes, embroidery and photography. 2011.