today: traffic, tabata, and tons of food

by christinady

3:30pm Yes yes, Christmas traffic. My usual 10 minute ride to 360 fitness club became 1 hour. (wth right!) So, instead of my usual 4o minute circuit training (I do 4 rounds), coach Jose told me to do tabata so I’d make it in time for my 5pm pole class.

I love 360. The very first person I met was Jose, July 2010 right before I left for the Busan Biennale. I had heard about this new fitness center, and me being me, wanted to try it out. Jose taught me circuit training, I had fun, I saw that there was a room for group classes, and asked,who owns this place? He introduced me to Jopi, and I said, ok, I like this place, I’ll give you and the other owners a free pole class.

Since then, the Polecats have been offering regular pole classes at 360. We’ve booked ourselves and our boyfriends for the suspension training classes. We go there regularly for yoga and circuit training.

Head coach Chappy Callanta even starred in Polecats TV ep5– the abs episode!

And we performed at the opening of their second branch in Makati, July of this year.

Song credits: “Oh” by Ciara and “Please Don’t Turn Me On” by Keri Hilson

videos from Polecats Manila’s YouTube channel.

When I got injured recently, Chappy, Jose, and Martin would give me exercises to rehab my left elbow, tricep, and shoulder. I love them!

Anyway, back to tabata.

Tabata is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)– the session  in 360 consists of 20 seconds of exercise, followed by 10 sec of rests.8 exercises, 4 minutes. Most of it was cardio- burpees, jump squats, split jumps, etc. I think I’m as fit as the average person, but I was almost dying after the split jumps.

When it came to the fast hands core and push ups, I was better. Now that was a bit of weight training, which my body is used to. My body is not used to cardio! Nevertheless I did one more round. Coach Martin says I should’ve done 3.

I was so tired after I ate two bars of chocolate.

1015pm those chocolate bars must’ve given me a sugar rush– I was poling for most part of 5 hours.

Tomcat AJ and I drop by Kit’s place for a Christmas dinner. A proper one! With Christmas-themed cloth napkins, and a cake that says Merry Christmas!



aj, duds, oliver, kit-- spotting the difference between Ate Vi and Nora Aunor's versions of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Thank you Kit for that lovely dinner and for sending me home with the next day’s breakfast.

12:15am from one food trip to another. Pong picks me up and we head to Wendy’s for some 24hour food fun. Last I saw him was at the Picasso trip, but before that I hadn’t seen him for the longest time. He’s just finished shooting the horror series Shake, Rattle, and Roll for the Manila Film Festival this December.

I can’t believe Pong is already 28! I first met him when he was 23, he was a DoP (Director of Photography), I was a PD (Production Designer), we worked together on a lot of stuff and we fought a lot.

Here, we worked on Urbandub’s music video Evidence, directed by Quark Henares.

But now we are really good friends.


Pong got the steakhouse baconator


he buys me caramel macchiato, yes, P35 nescafe coffee at wendy's!

So nice to see you Pong. We can talk about anything. He helps me shop. We’ve been through some adventures (backseats and other places. JUST for drawings!), and I know we’ll be through a lot more. He pushes me to do art.  I love him because he loved me and thought I was cuter when I had an extra 20 lbs on me. Awww 🙂