today: breakfast at borough (plus, i teach sensual groove!)

by christinady

930am Hello Raya!

I hadn’t seen Raya Martin for the longest time. He’s just finished shooting and screening a new film (which I haven’t seen– ooops).

So it’s time to catch up and say hello over a Borough breakfast. He orders the elvis (peanut butter, banana, bacon sandwich with cream and coconut dulce de leche); I have granola and fresh fruit.


Raya trying to be all serious

We bonded when we were both awarded CCP’s 13 Artists Award in 2009. Because we both felt out of place. We’d go out drinking every night during installation.

cake version of our trophy designed by louie cordero

my work-- 360 degrees of clouds


pong in raya's installation

We were also briefly married (on Facebook!) in 2010. But that’s another story.

This morning we were just planning our power-coupledom. We’d have the best living space. All glass and artsy. We were planning our wardrobe, our public appearances. The only possible problem would be our sex life.  Haha. Nonsense.

That’s what I like about hanging with Raya– we don’t have to talk about art or film. It’s just lots of nonsense fun. We do talk about the future and our plans, but we never take ourselves or each other too seriously. We have other people to do that for us.

We have this idea of collaborating– we’ve always had that, we’ve just never known how to go about it. So now we’re thinking of maybe doing something for theater?

So many plans. But one day when we’re old and has-beens we’ll just live somewhere in the mountains in Argentina (or ok, if we’re poor then New Manila will be fine).

7pm I subbed for Mara’s Sensual Groove class. It’s my first time to teach this class! It’s a dance-based class, with a little of chair and pole thrown in. In short, it’s a sexy dance class. A SEXY DANCE CLASS!? I know how to teach pole technique very well, but a sexy dance class!?

First I chose a song. I’ve always wanted to dance to ‘Lick’ by Joi, so I chose that. Great beat, sexy lyrics, can’t go wrong with that.

Then I worked on my choreo. Wow, sexy dancing is hard. How do you make it look sexy without being obviously slutty? I started out with a chair, then moved to the pole. After an hour, choreo is finished.

Ok, I’m not posting my sensual groove class (I can still be shy!), but here’s Mara doing a short demo for our regular classes: