yesterday: making snowflakes

by christinady

Today is steady snowflakes day.

1pm AJ and I were hanging out at Blenz in Megamall. As I was approaching the counter, the barista John says, “Ma’am, we have soymilk.” Awesomesauce! Last time I was there was a couple of months ago. I stopped coming because they would never have soymilk. I was ready to order some tea, but yey for soymilk! Only drawback is that soymilk can’t be aerated, thus there were no pretty designs on my soy latte.

I helped AJ make snowflakes to decorate our studio with.

Here’s my first snowflake!

5pm pole class time. It’s the last day of pole classes in our studio.As my Christmas gift to my students, I would make sure they all nail a new spin or trick today. And YEY! they all did 🙂 Good job kittens!

For most of them, it was their first time to invert on a pole today, or to do a combination spin. I’m a proud momma cat 🙂

Since it’s our last day, a lot of students brought sweets and gifts. Thank you kittens and tigers! Special mention goes to my student Nikki, who burned me some Bach. Thank you Nikki for that wonderful gift 🙂 She’s also lending me some French books (she’s a French major!), I ‘ll be lending her Korean. Or maybe let’s go Russian?

Oh, and look, snowflakes are up in the studio. It’s beginning to feel like Christmas 🙂