Happy birthday Joel

by christinady

Since I couldn’t make it to drinking tonight, I’m writing a blog post to greet you.

joel's douchiest photo. happy birthday! ūüôā

1998. I met Joel at that same Mowelfund experimental film workshop where I met RA and Paul. (See related post here.) I had just graduated from college, didn’t know what to do and my friend Clar de los Reyes dragged me to go to the workshop with her.

Joel, Clar, and I ended up being groupmates and creating a film that takes place under a dining table.

At that same time I was taking drawing classes at the Ayala Museum to cure a minor heartache. I gave Joel and Tracy Sarte a drawing– and they said I should seriously look into being an artist. At that time I was managing the band Itchyworms, plus a couple other bands, and always thought I would end up in the music scene. But Joel and Tracy had planted possibilities in my head.

2005. Fast forward, and I’m an exhibiting artist, no longer in the music scene,and doing production design for Joel’s short film¬†Mansyon.¬†This is one of my earliest works, and the first film I do that I really like my PD. Joel trusts me and gives me free reign in the pd department. Inspired by one of my favorite films Great Expectations, I made everything green.

video from the Arkeofilms YouTube channel

Because of Joel, I also met other wonderful people from¬†Arkeofilms, and work on Mario Cornejo’s and Monster Jimenez’s Big Time.

video from the Arkeofilms YouTube channel

And also, because of Joel, I met collaborator Corinne de San Jose. (Some of our works here.)

I’ve always loved working with Joel and Arkeofilms. Even if shitty projects from other people are thrown my way, I always look back to that first two films I made, and I remember how much I love designing films, and it gives me the drive to make better ones. I’ll be designing a new film for him early 2012, and I can’t wait!

You could say that Joel has played a very important role in how I turned out, and you’d be totally right. Thank you Joel, for always believing in me. Happy birthday!