Packed weekend: Pole, Parties, & Prod Madnezz

by christinady

Friday Dec 15

1pm After my regular private class, it’s time for rehearsals for the San Miguel Christmas party that night.

We did our nails, makeup, glittery lashes. We added last minute touches to our costumes. We ran, ran, and ran our routines over and over again.


nail polish from Etude House


pre-gig prep


fun falsies!

6pm We are ready.

Since the venue was a block away from our studio, and Christmas traffic was hellish, we decided to walk. We walked to San Miguel head office, in full makeup  and costumes, carrying our prop chairs and hats.

We had our own tent, they fed us very well, they took care of us. Thank you San Miguel!


our own tent!


listening and marking

8pm It’s showtime!

I was so happy to have performed here. It’s my first performance since our anniversary show Polarity, and I’ve had to sit out shows due to my injury. It was so exhilirating being able to dance again!

Right after us was Anne Curtis. So nice to run into her. Last time I saw her was at the Showtime Finals– I was her pole dance coach. I love that girl! So hardworking and does not take herself too seriously.

We were supposed to rush to another party, but the fireworks started. And well, yes, I was distracted. I love fireworks. I made a whole show earlier this year about fireworks.


11pm We arrived at Tessa’s party, severely underdressed in our pole outfits but hey, it’s a party! Let’s have fun!

It was a  Russian party, with of course, russian tea cookies, and with an on the spot ice carver, and ballerinas! A part of the living room was converted into a winter wonderland photo studio 🙂


photo by James Oliver

Since the space was smaller (the amazing decor took up a lot of space)– we ditched our plan of doing a 6-girl number and instead, Kris and Amaya did their doubles routine, and AJ did his solo.

1 am, tired and full but happy, we head home to prepare for the next day.

Sat Dec 17

1030 am  We started setting the studio up for the Polecats Party for all our kittens and tigers! We set up poles, tables, snow, prizes, everything!

By 1130 people were starting to come in. The kittens and tigers brought lots of food!

We started the party off with the name game to get everyone to know each other. Ok, too long to explain here, but needless to say, it was fun chaos! Then we had Pinoy henyo, with pole-related words only, and then pass-the-message, but instead of a message it was a series of pole tricks that the last girl had to execute on the pole.

We also raffled off prizes from our sponsors Lightwater and Belle&Cat. Thank you!

And of course, we gave away Polecats Manila merchandise– tank tops, t-shirts, calendars. The much awaited prize though were the two class cards to be given away (8 free classes!), and for fun, a private class with me.


gifts gifts gifts!

And then, the most awaited part — the performances! The classes came up with their own dance numbers. Everyone did a great job! I was so proud of all the students– for most of them, this was the first time they performed for public. It takes courage to perform– especially to pole dance!– in front of an audience. Good job everyone, that’s the best gift you can give yourself.


merry christmas kittens and tigers!

9pm Prod Madnezz party

This is the yearly Christmas bbq at Marco Ortiga’s place. I lovingly call him Tiger. I saw a college film that Tiger designed, and hired him on the spot (yes, he is good). Our very first project was a shoot on my 30th birthday, and since I had a setman named Marco, I had to give him another name to avoid confusion, hence, Tiger.


two of my favorite people in the world-- Tiger and Vicky

I met Vicky on a music video shoot set, and liked her instantly and hired her for so many shoots. I would often get Tiger and Vicky together for big shoots— so happy they ended up together!

Anyway, Prod Madnezz is the umbrella group for three different batches of production students– Steady Bear, Isaw sa Kanto, and Spork for Short. Directors, writers, cinematographers, prod managers, prod designers, stylists– they’re all here!


isaw sa kanto (ISK)


spork for short doing their traditional after-shoot high fives


it's our yearly game guesstures!


run the world girls!


losing boys' team-- can you guess this word?

Party ends at 4 am– we’re getting old. A couple of years back, party ended at sunrise!

Sunday, Dec 18

12nn It is my nephew Luke’s 2nd birthday. There’s a funny little man inside that chubby kid. Look, here he is, raising his glass for a toast–


Afterwards, my other nephew Marco lost a tooth.

We hung out at Figaro after, and my dad and I played magic tricks with Marco, and zombie hide and seek with Luke. It’s a good family day 🙂


I had coffee with Sheng Belmonte to discuss the syllabus for her upcoming pole workshop.

I met Sheng at a Christmas party in 2009; she told me she would love to learn pole. And, now two years later, she is our most advanced student.

What started as a work meeting turned out to be an afternoon of fun hanging out! I love Sheng. Such a real person. And her abs are awesome too!


7pm  Recovering workaholic Kit tried his hand at being spontaneous and picked me up for dinner. And! He brought his tarot cards with him.

Things to remember: Stop starting new projects. Let things work on their own. Even if you fret, what’s done is done. Your battles will be emotional and spiritual. And, in relationships/sex– You have it already– don’t be greedy.

Hahaha I love that last one! What a great way to end the week!