today: FTW + Furball

by christinady

I’ve given up trying to get some art done this holiday season, so I will just enjoy and not feel guilty about it!

9am getting ready for TV guesting at GMA 7’s FTW (for the win), their sports show. As the Polecats “Momma Cat” I usually do interviews to promote Polecats Manila and the kind of pole dancing we believe in.


momma cat bracelet from amaya

11am Today’s hosts are Miakka and Mica, both courtside reporters. The interview was more like chatting over coffee– so much fun! I like the very laid back vibe of the interview.


Kayleen, Margaret, and AJ did some demo in their tiny studio– we had to be really careful about not hitting the lights!



I loved this shoot. Everyone was just so nice. Thank you to Ceres and Odi for making things run very smoothly, and thank you to all the hosts for being very gracious (and funny!), and the rest of the crew for taking care of us.


we love FTW!

After the shoot, we taught some of the hosts some fun pole stuff.


miakka lim learning how to spin


jason webb doing a flag

Thank you FTW! We hope to guest in your show again!

8pm It’s the Christmas break of our pole classes, but we have company class to rehearse for shows and learn new things.

We try out some new doubles tricks that I’ve transformed from doubles trapeze, but they don’t quite work out yet. Oh well.

We had a visitor! Ea, from Aerial Arts Academy (AJ and I met her in HK last month for the Aerial Performance Tournament), is in town for a seminar, and dropped by the studio. We taught her some pole, and she taught us some acro-balancing. Very cool!


11pm I dropped by the Furball party.

The very first shoot I did with Furball was for a Rejoice commercial. The stylist had been let go, and they needed a replacement asap, so RA referred me. And they had been getting me as PD/stylist ever since. I’ve had so many shoots with them, I can’t really remember them anymore!

I arrived at the party just in time to catch Mads Adrias’ new band called Stranger Danger. You’re so cool Mads!

As I was going to French exit, I saw Erwin all dressed up in a suit. He’s always in a suit now, as part of his job as EIC of Esquire Philippines. We used to hang out a lot, when I would PD shoots for him and Juan Caguicla.

He is also the biggest non-supporter of my pole-dancing. He’s like a super-protective kuya. He will never write about my pole-dancing or the polecats, he will never promote it. In his words, ‘Itigil mo na yang pole-dancing mo.’ Haha. I love you Erwin!
What I love about the Furball parties is that I get to see old friends, people I used to work with a lot and hang out with a lot, before pole dancing came into my life.

The Furball office used to be in Cubao, beside the Surrounded by Water gallery which our artist group ran. Now the Furball office is in the same floor as our pole studio. What are the chances of that!

Merry Christmas Furball!