Christmas weekend fun!

by christinady

My memory’s getting really bad, so it’s nice having this blog to remember things by. But maybe in 2012 I’ll try to make this blog more useful….but in the meantime:

I’m not really the Christmas-y type, but this year I made an effort to really enjoy the holidays! This Christmas weekend was full of gift-giving, eating, and– aha!– even baking!

Dec 21, Wednesday

230 pm I met up with my good friend JD who now lives in Singapore. Last time I saw him was in June this year when we went to SG for the SG Pole Challenge. For his Christmas gift, he asked for coffee/merienda when he visits. I said yes.

I met him maybe in 1997, we were both part of this organization called the Ateneo Musician’s Pool (AMP). He was with the band Rubberduckies, I had my own all-girl band that did covers of En Vogue and Groove Theory and all that (I should find videos of all this!).

For our coffee gift, I took him to my favorite coffee shop– subspace coffeehouse along Emerald in Ortigas.


such a cool looking place!



We talked about, among other things: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, being a packrat and letting go, grandmothers, shaving heads.

Subspace is the brainchild of my friend Thor, who I met several years ago– he still worked for Filipinas Heritage Library and I used to give drawing classes there.




the friendly and efficient staff of subspace

Their peanut butter latte is yum, but makes my tummy funny (damn you lactose!);  I wish they had a soy alternative.

I love subspace’s interiors. Not very clear in these photos, but there lots of nooks and crannies with interesting items; they also have the best mix of chairs and tables. Not surprising since Thor also runs an interiors/furniture shop just down the street.

Plus if you’re a Koreanophile, this is the place! Thor loves all things Korean, and sells Korean merchandise as well.


merry christmas from subspace!

As a Christmas gift, Thor gives us subspace GCs. YEY! It’s really a Merry Christmas!

Dec 22, Thursday

9am It’s a healing morning at St Luke’s Global’s center for Complementary Medicine.

Kit organizes a therapy morning for the Polecats– myotherapy, acupuncture/moxa/ventosa, plus acupressure and relaxing massage.

Myotherapist Miguel del Prado says I have tendonitis of the elbow, bursitis at my shoulder, and that my left middle finger is misaligned. He twists and pressses and pushes, and yey, i’m fixed!

Acupuncture by Kit was administered to help drain fluids from my joints, also to promote healing.

Acupressure– aside from the usual health points, the therapist DJ showed me some cool stuff, like points for moisturising the skin.

Lastly, relaxing massage by Emily, and I wanted to just sleep right there for the whole day.

(No photos here as my camera ran out of battery.Oops!)

Thank you all for making us whole again!

5pm AJ and I made cupcakes for the Polecats family dinner, with much support from the Polecats and Pong.


get some ingredients.....


add friendship and love.....


.... voila! dark choco cupcakes with peanut butter frosting!

Dec 23 Friday

3pm I drop by 360 Fitness Club for circuit training. Their motto: workout before pig out. I love them.


my favorite trainers Martin, Dexter, and Jose

10 pm Polecats family dinner!

10 pole dancers, 8 police, plus paella, lasagna, lechon, bbq, liempo, lechon manok, chocolate cupcakes, lemon cupcakes, food for the goods, a pizza as big as me, beer, coolers, vodka, chips, bibingka. Merry Christmas pole people!


amaya's paella!

Dec 24  Christmas eve at the Naciancenos

This is my second Christmas with them. Last year we watched Lord of the Rings, Battle of Helm’s Deep and had turkey.


gino, miguel, tita anne

This year, Gino grilled some steaks. After dinner we then watched — Justin Bieber’s Never Say  Never! Wow, i’m now a Belieber! I must say, that kid has talent, and works so hard. He deserves all the success he’s been getting. Side note: I complain too much about my life. I should be working as hard as this kid.

Midnight, and it’s gift-giving time. Mignac is now a biking buff, so this is what Gino got him:


gino's gift to mignac

And then, the best gift of the night :


Tita Anne's gift to me

Midnight also means midnight snack. This year it’s ensaymada, lengua de gato, quezo de bola, and  I brought tsokolate:


lengua de gato, quezo de bola, tsokolate

I make the heart out of lengua and quezo as my ode to Justin Bieber. Merry Christmas!