Thoughts on time and 2012

by christinady

Gift-giving is not yet over!

Dec 26, Monday, 1030pm

Merry Christmas Nor! He asked for conversations over a peppermint brownie, so here it is–


I met Nor on the set of Mansyon, I was the PD, he was the AD. He wore shirts and slippers that were way too big for him, plus he had this undercut hair that looked goofy. We worked together in Big Time where he was one of the main characters. Fortunately for him and the film, I was able to convince him to wear clothes that were his size, and to cut that silly hair off. It was also during Big Time that Nor got hooked on peppermint brownies– one shoot day, co-star Jamie Wilson came with some and since then, every Christmas season, Nor looks forward to eating these at Starbucks! Good times!

While waiting for our brownie, he asked about my gift-giving policy this year, if it actually saves me money. (This year, I wasn’t going to give out objects, but only my time. So far there have been ukay trips, lots of meals, some pole tips, old books giveaways.) I think I spend a bit less money, but just a bit. But the point is to not spend; the point is to spend on things that are meaningful.

Aside from money, this gift-giving policy also costs me so much of my time. But again, that’s the point: to spend time on things that are important.

I’ve been obsessed recently with the shortness of life. The thought of dying right now– it’s not so bad. It’s not like I’m waiting for anything (retirement, a kid to graduate, etc) before I actually live out my dreams. Whatever I think I want to do, I do right now.

It hasn’t been the most practical policy on living, but my life has certainly been fun!

We talked a lot about fear, time, life, death. About just going for what you dream of. Not wasting any more time thinking of what-ifs. Once, he picked me up at 2 am to go get food because anxiety about the future was causing him sleeplessness. That Nor has been replaced with a more fearless Nor. Go for it!

Anyway, he just finished doing CareDivas for PETA. I missed it!!! But ooh, he’s going to play King Lear next year! Let’s all go and see that!

Our next project is to bake peppermint brownies (so it’s christmas everyday!) and arrange piano lessons for his daughter Iana–  lessons from me, with corresponding compensation of fruit ice from him. Sounds like a good deal!


Now it’s come to that time to think about how to make 2012 even better. If the Mayans are right, then the world will end next year, so the more we have to make each day count.

Here are some of my ideas/plans/dreams for 2012:

1. Do something new each day.

I used to practice this, then I got injured and depressed. That’s when I realized I have to be grateful that I am whole. And that I should be going out there– to not waste time and to use what’s been given to me.

2. Make some music.

And probably an artsy music video to go with it.

3. Design for a ballet (an original Filipino one, I hope!).

4. Design costumes for a movie. Or sure, even sets. I miss doing films!

5. Make this blog more useful.

Instead of just recording memories– I’ll put in useful info on just about whatever I learn along the way.

I also want to interview people that I find interesting, and see what makes them tick, and just post here. I always get inspired by the stories of other people!

6. Host a show.

I really really want to host a show for the Manila Symphony Orchestra– I’d love to introduce the pieces and explain them a bit to the audience. Or maybe host a show at the classical music station 98.7. I do not have any musical background except for being a classically trained pianist, but I think I’ve shown that I’m a fast learner.

7. AND OF COURSE, more art.

I’m pretty sure this list is gonna get revised as the months go by, but at least here’s a starting point.

What do you want to do next year? Happy new year!