movie marathon!

by christinady

Today was movie marathon day! I’ve never seen a gay film, so I decided it was time to do so. I asked Kit, who was more than willing to help. His only warning: Bring something to do during the downtime!

And there was downtime! Some of which we fast-forwarded through. Kit and I watched a total of 6– yes six!– movies. At one point, Kit’s dad walked in and asked what we were watching, and Kit said ‘indie movies’, to which his dad replied: ‘So it’s either violence, poverty, or homosexuality’ and  promptly walked out. I love this family!

930 am We started the day with breakfast of scrambled eggs, macaroni soup, and salabat. Beside us were Johnson and Maxi, who could say ‘Wowowee’ among other fun things!


There’s a beautiful painting in Kit’s room:

I forgot the name of the artist, but she worked with a dance company and thus had photos of dancers on which she based her work on. I like!

Kit also gave me a nice surprise–  a magazine photo of (my next collaborator) James Franco:

This was our sustenance for the remainder of the day: natural popcorn, with melted real butter and m&ms! It’s the perfect mix of salty and sweet.

Some of the movies were slow, so Kit had time to wrap some gifts. One was labelled: gay gift! See below:

James, Minka the cat, and me, during the 6-movie marathon! It’s the first time I’ve ever sat beside a cat without having the urge to throw it out the window.

We realized we didn’t eat the whole day (we were full from the eye candy in all the movies!), so we went to Poco Deli in Kapitolyo to have lunch at 6pm.
IMG_1509Kit had bacon slab, I had gourmet tapa. Food here was good and reasonably priced, too.

I cannot divulge which movies we watched today, but — IT WAS FUN! Such an eye-opener.

I also learned a lot, too– like how to put puso ng saging as an extender in sisig. Hahaha.

1030pm Then dinner with Al at Kozui along Tomas Morato. This is him trying to stuff his pumpkin wrap up his nose:

Like Kit, I met Al just this year. He briefly took pole classes with us, then things, well, got complicated.  But all’s that done, and tonight we decided there’s really no way any collaboration’s going to happen, that we should go our separate ways and pursue our different artistic visions. Or something like that. I have some art projects I thought I could use Al for, but, nope, not going to happen.

So now, back to looking for a collaborator. James Franco where are you?