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Month: January, 2012

January Roundup!

All those little photos that didn’t make it to a post of its own 🙂

lyle playing drums

i did face paint for a gig

airdance was amazing

kaity at work

ran into eileen legaspi after ukay

lights at urban ashram, my favorite yoga place

red and white gig

eng bee tin hopia with red egg inside-- the best!

jake and ina's tattoos from kalinga

martinis at the bar with chums

graffiti on a classroom table


afternoon at sofitel


Let’s shoot again!

Big Time was my first full length film project ever. It was just me and Jeck doing PD, styling, hair, makeup, special effects, and yes, our own laundry after each shoot day. It remains my favorite film experience ever 🙂

Monster Speak

About the same time seven years ago, Mario and I were already thick in post, stuck inside Heather Suite of Arkeo’s old office. I love reminiscing about Big Time. The good old days means Big Time Days for me.

I have no clue how we were able to pull it off. In 2004, we had no experience, had to work with such a small budget in a short time. Honestly, I don’t think I’d say yes given the same set of circumstances today. Sometimes I guess it works to not know too much…you worry less!

They were just kids! Kids I tell you.

Ike and Anne rocked the camera department with no gaffer or assistants. Today they are accomplished cinematographers, doing movies and commercials.

CD and Jeck pulled off a stylized look with no setmen and doing their own laundry to save up. CD is now a sikat artist and…

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king and queen of the paper dance

Happy New Year!

My home gallery, Silverlens celebrated the Chinese new year last Friday. I had to rush after a pole gig to make it to the party! Didn’t have time to clean up so I went in full performance makeup, double false lashes included. I just put on my red velvet chinese coat and it was off to the gallery!

Right upon entering the door, I was whisked into the best costume parade, plus! the newspaper dance game. FYI, for the past 3 years, Frankie and I have won the newspaper dance.

These were our winning moves last year:

photo courtesy of silverlens

photo courtesy of silverlens

So this year, we were given a handicap– Frankie had to wear Raymond’s heels.

@christinady Real Men wear heels  on Twitpic

photo by Tammy David

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photo by Tammy David

But ta-dah! I don’t know how, but we won again (amid much protest)! I guess it kind of helps that Frankie’s 6ft big and 190lbs, and I’m 5ft small and 100lbs. I guess all those pole and yoga hours can’t hurt either. Next year, Frankie and I will try to do acrobatic newspaper dance!

Hi Frankie! Happy 4th championship!

Check out Frankie’s stuff here:

Thank you Tammy for photos!

more bondage

Apparently, I’m the go-to girl for bondage props. Last Christmas, my friend Kaity asked me if I had handcuffs, whips, and such for an s&m themed shoot she was planning to do. Although I did have most of the things she needed, I suggested that we just use ropes instead, as I wanted to practice my rope work.

Last Saturday, our shoot finally happened. Here are my favorites:

It was my very first time to tie up a girl– girls really are prettier than boys. (sorry guys!) It was the first time I had to figure out how to tie ropes over breasts– but hey, we all need a bit of a challenge every time, right?

Thank you Kaity for trusting me with this! And, awesome styling by Vicky. I keep telling her she should have a fashion blog!

It was a very easy shoot, everyone was so chill and just going with the flow. We had so much fun we’re doing another one in a couple of weeks. Just wait and see.

Photography: Kaity Chua
Styling: Victoria Velasco
Make-up & Hair: Diana Santos
Model: Jhenn Olivar of Reign Models

Ropes: me! 🙂

polecats VS the road

Cleaning out my mac, found more videos! Apparently, I take a lot of nonsense videos, hahaha.

Good Friday last year, I said, well there’s no traffic, no cars around, why not have a pole photoshoot on the road?

So off we went. Me, Margaret, Kayleen, Lester (road manager), and James (photographer).

Makati, Fort, Binondo. Most of the time we didn’t know where Lester and James were bringing us. We’d just jump out of the back of the truck and say, ‘Game!’  Just another day in the life of a Polecat.

Here are some of the photos from that morning:
IMGP2316 IMGP2023 IMGP2117 IMGP2233 IMGP2415 IMGP2471

Yey Good Friday!

how to get great abs

My yoga teacher Martin has great abs. Amazing abs. And not just aesthetically. His core’s damn strong, too.

Because I strive to be useful and give the world tips on how to make life better (check out sex tips from Marco Morales here), I asked Martin how he got those abs.

p.s. Here’s our conversation before shooting:

CD: Can I shoot your abs for reference?

Martin: You can just shoot me without my shirt on.

CD: Oh wow really?

Martin: Madali akong kausap.

CD: I love you!


To start your year right, come do yoga with us at Urban Ashram Manila.

what isn’t there

Had a meeting with Marie last Wednesday right before my sensual groove class (I’m kind of getting used to teaching this class!) to discuss her first film, Ang Nawawala (What Isn’t There).

So excited for Marie! After years and tons of short films and music videos, she is now finally making a full-length! She got into this year’s Cinemalaya film festival. Congratulations Marie! So excited to make art for this one!

Marie gave me my first ever Production Design job, for the Itchyworms music video Antipara. I had never PD’d before, but 2 days before the shoot, Marie needed a replacement PD, so I gladly jumped into the whole crazy messy process.

Sometimes people would mix us up. One time Tikoy Aguiluz went up to me and said, ‘Hey I know you, you’re the girl that makes those music videos.’ He meant Marie. Haha.

After that we worked on a lot of other music videos and short films. I really just learned everything on the fly. I was never art department or assistant– I had no one to train me. Each shoot was a lesson. A very very fun lesson. Thank you Marie for trusting me and helping me become better at my craft!

Here are some other stuff we worked on:

Thank you Marie! Can’t wait to see your film 🙂

one night with gino

I’ve been cleaning out my closet, my bookshelf, and my mac.

And I found these clips. Gino asked if I wanted to go to Tagaytay for a drink. When? Right now. Yes.

Gino driving.

On the road.

Gino skating.

Wow I take so many nonsense videos. I upload them so I can delete them and have space for more nonsense videos.

P.S. I know we picked up Mackie somewhere along the way. But hmmm I don’t have any proof!

on aging / things i’ve learned the past 35 years

This year, I turn 36. I’m leaving the mid-30s mark and going into late-30s. Woooohhoooooo.

There’s so much research on how to extend our lives, how to avoid aging, how to live longer.

But why?

Why do we need to live longer? Do you really know what to do with those extra 34 years? We waste so much of our life now, why bother extending it to waste some more?

If you were given an extra 1 hour a day, what would you do with it? Watch more tv? Sleep an extra hour? Does it really make a difference?

We complain so much of not having enough time, but the real problem is we just waste so much of it. How many hours a day do we spend on twitter, on just surfing the net, on channel surfing? Hours that add up to days that add up to years.

So think about it. Maybe the answer is to make each day count, to maximize each moment. To squeeze the juice out of life, instead of adding more years, that we’ll just waste away on the couch, mindlessly watching bad tv.

In any case, here are some things I’ve learned from my past 35 years. I’m probably older than you, so you better listen:

1. Life’s too short to wear painful shoes.

2. Same goes for skinny jeans. Unless, well, you have skinny genes.

3. Work-life balance is ok if you want to be average. If you want to excel, then you’ve got to be obsessed with that thing and just go for it.

4. Hard work + heart beats talent any day.

5. Share knowledge.

6. Chill. Life’s supposed to be fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

7. Want little, so you can work less, enjoy more.

8. Dream. A lot. And then go make them come true. You can do it, you know.

9. There’s no point in being mean. Shhh. Shut up and eat a cupcake instead.

10. Walk. Great for your body and your mind.

11. Have a blog so you’re forced to do some thinking and some interesting stuff! Chicken or egg, who cares?

Wow that list sounds so new-agey self-helpish but oh well!


11 pairs of shoes

I still have way too much stuff. But first, a little background.

Late last year, I got injured. Injury is a hassle– there are a lot of things you take for granted that you suddenly couldn’t do anymore. There was a time I couldn’t move my left arm without any pain. The simplest things– shampooing my hair or reaching for food across the table– were hell.

And if the simplest things were so hard, what more pole dancing? That period was awful. If I were just a student or hobbyist, I would’ve been depressed already. But pole was more than just my hobby. I pushed on and danced at our anniversary show injured. After that I didn’t pole for 2 months.

But injury has its upside. 1. Thank God it wasn’t my right hand. Take away pole from me, but do not take away drawing! 2. It gave me a lot of time to think and reflect about what’s important in my life.

From all those moments thinking, I got fed up with the accepted way of living and its attendant consumerism. So I decided to give my stuff away, and try to figure out how little  I need to live and be happy.

Of course, giving stuff away does not include stuff I need (running shoes) or stuff that makes me happy (my piano).

I started with: shoes. I’ve decided that I’d rather have a few pairs that are comfy and well-made and would last me a long time, than a whole shoe cabinet with shoes that hurt or are shoddy. I gave away lots of heels accumulated through the years. Things do have a tendency to pile up!

I’ve cut it down to the following:

From L-R, top row: F21 flat boots, 2. black Solea heels, 3. black Solea Mary Janes (a gift from Emi Jorge of Solea. Thank you!) 4. black and white Pleaser heels for pole, 5. black  Chinese laundry rain boots (a birthday gift. thank you to my sister and brother-in-law!) 6. black Pleaser boots for pole

7. black aerosoles mary janes, 8. black nike running shoes, 9. black fitflop (thank you fitflop!) 10. black Call It Spring boots (which I’m still thinking of giving away, as they’re a size too big. Call It Spring does not carry a size 5! I bought this when I was super depressed.) 11. plastic Grendha sandals.

11 pairs of shoes. Mostly black, all comfy. I guess that’s all I really need anyway.

I guess it helps that I’m past caring what other people think of my shoes. I know fitflops are not the prettiest thing, but they sure are comfy! I love walking, so I’d rather endure judgment than painful feet.

For this new year’s eve meet up, for the first time, I didn’t wear heels . I wore shoe no. 1– flat boots. And it felt great! I could drive, walk, run, dance in them, til 730am without any pain at all. And I still felt hot without the extra inches. Who knew? Maybe I’ll give my heels away?

Well maybe not these:


Emi had these made for me, look at those hearts! It’s so that when I’m hanging upside down the pole, there’s still something interesting going on with my shoe. We’re planning on making pole shoes; it’s going to happen!



My pole shoes from Pleaser. These are the comfiest heels ever! At 5 inches, they don’t hurt at all. I dance in them right? If only all heels were made like these!

So there. I’ve also started giving books away to people I know who will read them and enjoy them more. And clothes, I’ve donated most of my closet and kept the ones I really love and use.

But there’s still so much stuff. I’ve got a long way to go.