Happy 2012!

by christinady

This is how I welcomed 2012:

Dec 30, 12nn, Borough

Met up with my ICA barkada, some of whom have been my friends for 25 years. Isn’t that nice?


queenie, jolina, janice , rowie

We were the smart group — example: for physics, we had different exams from the rest of the class. I don’t see them so much, but I do know that if I need anything, they’ll be there for me.  When my ex-fiance and I broke up, Jo fixed a group trip to Cebu to help take my mind off things. Just like that, they dropped everything to be with me.

We meet up at least once a year just to make sure we’re all still updated about each others’ lives. It’s such a comfort to have friends like them– always supportive, but won’t take any BS from me! And they know me so well, I don’t need to pretend to be like anyone else. I love you guys!

530 pm, Borough (again! after pole rehearsals)

Marco met up with me to cheer me up. He bought me a beer and we exchanged gifts. I gave him the Art of Seduction (we talked about this book before, and well, don’t you think that’s so going to help him in his movie roles??), he gave me a dedicated copy of Ricky Lee’s ‘Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata’.


730pm dinner at Kit’s right after which….

10pm Mitch and I head to Batangas.


we got lost a couple of times...


got to Casita Ysabel at 2am


stayed in the room Aquarella


our room was big!


the view



I’ve known Mitch for more than a decade. He now works for a preventive wellness center (or something like that!). He toured me around their office and I really wanna try the hyperbaric chamber and the vitamins thru an IV.

I just slept on a hammock by the beach the whole day, except for meal times! Didn’t realize all these festivities would be so tiring. Thank you Mitch for this super relaxing day!

Jan 1, 3am Martini’s / Manila Pen / Old Swiss Inn

Met up with film friends at Martini’s– no alcoholic drinks for me though since I was driving.

When Martini’s closed we tried the Pen lobby– but no, closed as well!


me, mario, monster, joel, raya

So ended up in Old Swiss Inn. They had a buffet breakfast, but instead I chose this: Corned beef silog! First meal of 2012. We shouldn’t start the year with excessive eating, haha, even though I was really eyeing the cocoa puffs in the buffet spread.


first meal of 2012


happy new year!

When we stepped out of Old Swiss Inn, the sun was high up. But it was such a smoggy morning! So hard to see anything. But whatever, it still feels like it’s going to be a super new year!






and more smog!

Corinne’s word of the year is RESOLUTE, Maite’s is SHINE. Joel is taking out excess in his life (excessive drinking. smoking.), Mario’s 2012 will be about investing and saving. Raya wants to sell out, but no one is taking him seriously. Monster is working on a new docu.  Mario and Monster danced the new year in, dancing to ‘Moves like Jagger’ — best video ever! Great conversations on art, film, hair , luck, love.

I love you guys! Happy new year!