a perfect Sunday

by christinady

7am Sunday run with my kuya. This has been our tradition since he got married and I moved out– since we don’t live together anymore, this is the time we see each other. It’s our bonding time, when we discuss family matters as the two eldest siblings, when we talk about music that we currently like, what’s up in each other’s lives.

Of course, most of the time we’re just walking (we’re not that fit yet to be able to converse while running at full speed), but it’s fun anyway. And for at least 35 minutes I get him to do some exercise.

9am Back at my condo, I decided to do some piano practice: first some Hanon and Czerny for warm up, and then– Chopin.

Chopin is my favorite classical composer. His works are so… languid, romantic, strong, sad. Check this out: www.chopinproject.com and listen!

I studied classical piano from age 4-13. And the last piece I played, as the finale of a recital, is Chopin’s waltz Op. 64, N0. 1 in Db Major— I remember this piece, because I heard Bugs Bunny play it in a Halloween episode of Loony Tunes.

Even after formal piano lessons, Chopin has always stayed with me, so when I was 20, I bought a Chopin book, and decided to learn the other Chopin works.

Now, this is my favorite and my goal:  ‘Revolutionary’ Etude: Op 10, No 12 in C# minor. 

Here, Russian pianist Sviatoslav Richter plays it:

It’s gonna take me such a long time to get to that tempo, but well! Habang may buhay, may pag-asa!

1030 am at milky and sunny

Brunch with Kit at this charming place! I love love love breakfast food, and breakfast places.  I really wanted to get the Banana King French Toast OR the unlimited cereal OR the pancakes, but we have another gig next week– cannot afford to look extra chunky in performance photos! So I got the bangusilog instead.


quirky wall decor-- cute!


he gets eggs benedict, i get bangusilog

Duds follows us after his Yoga for Life practice, bearing gifts of chocolate from yoga teacher Paulo:


duds joins us!


patchi chocolate from paulo-- yummy!

Kit read Duds’ cards with his Tarot app! Pretty cool 🙂


tarot reading for duds

1pm at neighboring tea shop,  moonleaf

Moonleaf has a community wall of post-its where patrons can write and post messages. There were some scandalous ones, and random phone numbers were all over!


writing posts for moonleaf's wall


6pm PBA game at the Smart Araneta Coliseum

Niner asked me what I wanted for Christmas, since she knew I wasn’t accepting gift objects. She mentioned before that her dad coached a PBA team, and since I’ve never watched a game live, that’s what I asked for!


emme and niner

We watched with Niner’s family, her law school classmate and fellow pole kitten Emme, and the families of the players. We watched Game 3 of the semis, Rain or Shine (our team!) VS Powerade. It’s now tied at 1-1, best of 7. I said, wouldn’t it be awesome if the game went into overtime? AND IT DID!

Wow what an exciting game! Such adrenaline rush! The normally soft-spoken Niner suddenly turned to Mr. Hyde– screaming and cursing and booing and cheering!

The game was pretty even all throughout til Powerade moved up to an 11-pt lead. Rain or Shine caught up and actually led a bit til the last few seconds of the game, when Powerade was able to tie up the match for an overtime.

In the end, Powerade won by 4 points. So heartbreaking, but it was a good game! I was screaming so hard, that now my throat’s hoarse.

My favorites were Paul Lee and TY Tang. OMG. They’re not the biggest players there (Tang is actually the shortest, at 5’8″) but wow, so much heart! So much courage. I cheered everytime they got the ball and just powered through the defenders.

I was so emotionally invested in the game that I wasn’t able to take photos, except of this empty court:


the court!

After the game, we waited for Niner’s dad to come out. Coach Yeng Guiao was very gracious, so different from the persona I saw out there on the court!

I still can’t imagine the amount of pressure that basketball players and coaches face each time they’re on that court. I was just watching and it was already such a strain on my nerves– how much more for those who are actually involved?

I asked about rehearsals, and Niner said they train twice a day everyday– bball drills for 3 hours in the morning, and then gym in the afternoon. Ok of course the bball skills you can train for, but how do you train for heart, for courage, for fearlessness?

Merry Christmas Niner, thank you so much!

And then I ended my Sunday with Inception on HBO. Great story, great design, great looking guys. Good night!