Painting Party!

by christinady

Merry Christmas Monster!

Monster asked for painting lessons, and while planning things over twitter, a simple one-on-one grew to a party with Corinne, Drea, and Mario!

Plug: In case you don’t know yet, Monster and Mario did this documentary Kano: An American and His Harem, and it is something you should definitely watch. It won Best Documentary at the 34th Gawad Urian, and at the 2010 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).  Here’s the trailer:

We held our painting party at Drea’s spankin’ new flat. She has the best taste in furniture. Lucky for me, her taste in furniture extends to her taste in haircuts. She’s the only one allowed to cut my hair, aside from me when I’m in a bad mood.


corinne, drea, mario, monster


view from drea's pad

We laid out our stuff– I provided paints and brushes, they provided everything else.

Mario and Monster brought Christmas wine. Drea served empanada and ham. We laughed at the weird combo, but these are the best empanadas ever! You can get them at the Petron near Dasma and in V-Mall Greenhills near the chapel.


really the best empanadas!



drea priming


corinne painting


mario painting


monster painting


drea's finished work, already up in her guest bathroom!

The night started slow, with everyone being careful to use just the right amount of paint (“Sayang kasi!”), and trying not to dirty their clothes, but of course, that failed.  And anyway, art’s supposed to be messy!

Quote of the night from Mario: ‘Para sa artist, hindi tinitipid ang paint, pagkain lang ang tinitipid!’

That was a very successful first painting night! Considering everyone skipped the basics and just went for it!

Now, Drea’s inspired and wants to buy her own paints and work on a huge piece. She and Corinne also want to draw. Monster brought the paints home to finish her painting. And aside from drawing we’ll probably do knitting next time. I don’t know if Mario’s up for that, unless maybe if it were a topless knitting party.

Merry Christmas everyone!