by christinady

Merry Christmas Kayleen!

Yes it’s the second week of January, but Christmas is not over yet. This is what I asked from Kayleen: for her to take me around Kamuning.

We met up at 7-11 beside GMA. This is where we all usually meet up before tv guestings over at that station. We took a jeep and got off… somewhere. QC looks the same to me everywhere! Haha.

We walked around a lot, and passed by Green Papaya Art Projects, an artist-run space. Too bad it was closed!

Since I hadn’t had breakfast yet, first stop was food. We ate at Goodfellas.


kayleen got a burger, i got Carlito's Way-- angus salpicao!


Wanted to try Taumbayan across it, but it was closed. Kayleen says a lot of stuff are closed during the day, so I guess we should come back at night!

Next stop, a couple of ukay-ukay.

The first one, Kayleen spotted a pair of crutches for 280php, and I spotted a hello kitty mini-accordion (it works!) for 350php. If I weren’t in my minimalism mode, I would’ve gotten that accordion. It’s so cute! Didn’t take photos as the saleslady was giving us the bad eye.

In another ukay, we spotted a gorgeous floor-length gown. Too bad it was 6 sizes too big!

Next, the market. There was this stall where they sold costume wings of all sizes and colors! I loved the giant black wings. They also sold top hats, and bird head masks, and feather boas, and all sorts of sequins and buttons, and all that. I bought ribbons for my niece’s baptism, and crochet hook and yarn so I can teach my niece’s yaya a little bit of livelihood.

And then, Kamuning bakery, since 1939!


The bread wasn’t anything extraordinary, but the people were nice. The cashier told me about how the bakeshop was passed on down the generations. I bought cinnamon roll and a donut for a total of Php15.

More walking around and we passed by a Thrift House.

The stuff inside were amazing! Campaign materials from the time of Magsaysay, helmets from WWII, old cameras, old radios, old phones, creepy old mirrors, and creepier old photos of real people!

We asked the manong who owned the place where he gets his stuff. His stash is from old houses in the Kamuning area. People who renovate/move/whatever sell him their stuff. So cool!

Kayleen says there are a lot of these shops in the side streets, we just have to walk around and discover them. But we had a meeting with the architects for our new studio, so we didn’t have time.

1pm we took a jeep to TriNoMa, and settled down in Parvati.

I’ve always wanted to try Parvati — it’s the one-stop shop for all those home-baked desserts so you don’t have to go to their individual shops. Awesome idea!


look at all these desserts!


We wanted to taste everything, but things were sold by boxes of 6 or 12 or something. So maybe next time Parvati could have a dessert sampler? We just had the brewed iced tea with honey and apple. A bit too sweet, but great for cooling down at the end of that hot hot day.

Thank you Kayleen! Merry Christmas!