what isn’t there

by christinady

Had a meeting with Marie last Wednesday right before my sensual groove class (I’m kind of getting used to teaching this class!) to discuss her first film, Ang Nawawala (What Isn’t There).

So excited for Marie! After years and tons of short films and music videos, she is now finally making a full-length! She got into this year’s Cinemalaya film festival. Congratulations Marie! So excited to make art for this one!

Marie gave me my first ever Production Design job, for the Itchyworms music video Antipara. I had never PD’d before, but 2 days before the shoot, Marie needed a replacement PD, so I gladly jumped into the whole crazy messy process.

Sometimes people would mix us up. One time Tikoy Aguiluz went up to me and said, ‘Hey I know you, you’re the girl that makes those music videos.’ He meant Marie. Haha.

After that we worked on a lot of other music videos and short films. I really just learned everything on the fly. I was never art department or assistant– I had no one to train me. Each shoot was a lesson. A very very fun lesson. Thank you Marie for trusting me and helping me become better at my craft!

Here are some other stuff we worked on:

Thank you Marie! Can’t wait to see your film 🙂