king and queen of the paper dance

by christinady

Happy New Year!

My home gallery, Silverlens celebrated the Chinese new year last Friday. I had to rush after a pole gig to make it to the party! Didn’t have time to clean up so I went in full performance makeup, double false lashes included. I just put on my red velvet chinese coat and it was off to the gallery!

Right upon entering the door, I was whisked into the best costume parade, plus! the newspaper dance game. FYI, for the past 3 years, Frankie and I have won the newspaper dance.

These were our winning moves last year:

photo courtesy of silverlens

photo courtesy of silverlens

So this year, we were given a handicap– Frankie had to wear Raymond’s heels.

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photo by Tammy David

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photo by Tammy David

But ta-dah! I don’t know how, but we won again (amid much protest)! I guess it kind of helps that Frankie’s 6ft big and 190lbs, and I’m 5ft small and 100lbs. I guess all those pole and yoga hours can’t hurt either. Next year, Frankie and I will try to do acrobatic newspaper dance!

Hi Frankie! Happy 4th championship!

Check out Frankie’s stuff here:

Thank you Tammy for photos!