Let’s shoot again!

by christinady

Big Time was my first full length film project ever. It was just me and Jeck doing PD, styling, hair, makeup, special effects, and yes, our own laundry after each shoot day. It remains my favorite film experience ever 🙂

Monster Speak

About the same time seven years ago, Mario and I were already thick in post, stuck inside Heather Suite of Arkeo’s old office. I love reminiscing about Big Time. The good old days means Big Time Days for me.

I have no clue how we were able to pull it off. In 2004, we had no experience, had to work with such a small budget in a short time. Honestly, I don’t think I’d say yes given the same set of circumstances today. Sometimes I guess it works to not know too much…you worry less!

They were just kids! Kids I tell you.

Ike and Anne rocked the camera department with no gaffer or assistants. Today they are accomplished cinematographers, doing movies and commercials.

CD and Jeck pulled off a stylized look with no setmen and doing their own laundry to save up. CD is now a sikat artist and…

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