my favorite word

by christinady

YES is the title of my blog because YES is my favorite word.

1998. My thesis classmate Clar asked me to join her in a summer film workshop in Mowelfund. I said YES.

1999. My drawing teacher asked me to exhibit at Ayala Museum. YES.

2000. Yasmin asked if I wanted to show at Surrounded By Water. YES.

2004. Did I want to design some movies? YES.

2007. Mich asked if I wanted to try pole dancing. YES.

2008. Isa asked if I wanted to join Silverlens. YES.

2009. Bianca asked if I wanted to try yoga. YES. Maybe I could put together a pole dancing group?  YES.

2010. Did I want a whole wall to myself for the biennale? YES.

2011. At 35 years old, could I be a pro pole dancer and perform with an orchestra? YES. How about baking some cupcakes? YES.

The only things I’ve said NO to are: 1. a marriage proposal in 1999. 2. if I wanted to dance for FHM.

Because of this, I’m the most kaladkarin person, which also means I’ve been to random places at random times for random reasons. This also means I’ve tried out a lot of things. And because of this, I’ve made wonderful interesting friends. I’m very lucky like that– that I have been given the chance to experience so many fun exciting sometimes nonsense silly things.

This has made me a very grateful person. And to show gratitude, I pass it on. I offer experiences to others, that they hopefully will say YES to. (You want to go to Tacloban? When? Now. What’s there? Who knows? / Come take my pole class! / Let’s tie you up! / How about some archery?)

The world opens up to you when you say yes.

Just try it. Say YES.