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Month: March, 2012

inked #6 : my first tattoo

I forgot, I designed a tattoo for Kelvin Yu a long time ago. Inked #5.

And here we are, inked #6. I said the next one I designed would be my own, so here it is :

When I turned 30, and my life took a major detour, I wanted an ouroboros– a symbol for the cycle of life, death, rebirth. I wanted something to remind me that things were going to be ok.

It’s been since 6 years, but yey, I finally got it done. It took me a while to draw the right dragon head — I didn’t want anything that looked too scary on my body. Also, I knew I wanted it to look clean and light, instead of massive and heavy.

It wasn’t painful at all. It felt like a little annoying bug that wouldn’t go away. What got to me though was sitting still for an hour and fifteen. It drove me crazy.

Thank you to Katz Lorenzana for this, and to Kris Isaac for coming with me. Happy birthday to me! 🙂

p.s. Kris asked me after, “What will your parents say?” That really made me laugh. I think, that after the pole dancing, the bondage, and everything else, this is the least of their concerns. Kris, you say the cutest things! 🙂


inked #4

As of this moment, there are four people in the world who have tattoos of my design. (At least, 4 that I know of! Wouldn’t it be great if someone had a tattoo of some of my works? Like, Soaplands, down the spine?)

First was way back in 1998, when I designed one for Inky de Dios. In return, he gave me a lock of dreddlocked hair.

Then, next, last year (yeah, such a long break) for Niner and Nicole as my Christmas gift to them. Then, this year, it’s for good good friend Mackie for his birthday– his tattoo is also by Katz Lorenzana.

The next tattoo I design will be mine.


Hello March!

So much has been happening, I haven’t stress-eaten this much, not in a long time. For one, missing my yoga practice has thrown me off. Not having enough alone time has added to the chaos.

Before I completely go crazy, here are some photos of Baler. The water calms me down. It reminds  me that everything comes and goes, just like the tides. You’ve just got to ride them.

10 Rules for Being Tied Up

Just to make things clear. So we avoid potentially embarrassing and awkward moments 🙂


1. I ask, you don’t volunteer. I openly ask people I want to tie up. You can say yes or no, I will not take offense.

2. Exception to rule #1– If you are hot, then you can volunteer to be tied up. Also,  do not assume I will tie you up just because you ask me to. I can say yes or no, and you cannot take offense.

3. What I look for: a very well toned body, more than average flexibility– because these will be references for my drawings, then it only makes sense that I should get the lines and shapes that I need. Also important: impeccable personal hygiene– because hey, I don’t want to touch nasty things. And, lastly, a highly pleasant personality.


4. I don’t do this for sex. Do not expect any. Do not make any passes at me. But if you get aroused in the process, I will not take it against you.

5. Have an open mind. Explore. I’m open to suggestions; you should be, too.

6. If you find that you’re feeling vulnerable, that’s ok. If you feel like sharing and talking, that’s ok , too. Most people find being tied up very therapeutic.

7. Have fun!


8. We can hang out for tea or dessert after and talk. This is always fun. But not necessary.

9. A ‘thank you’ would be nice. If you really feel moved by the experience, then ok, you can hug me, too.

10. If you enjoyed it so much, you can always say, ‘let’s do it again’. Just make sure you have some fun ideas for next time 🙂



The Great Cinema Party

Last Feb 25, Raya invited his cinema friends to Casa San Miguel, Zambales for The Great Cinema Party.
Good night Zambales.