inked #6 : my first tattoo

by christinady

I forgot, I designed a tattoo for Kelvin Yu a long time ago. Inked #5.

And here we are, inked #6. I said the next one I designed would be my own, so here it is :

When I turned 30, and my life took a major detour, I wanted an ouroboros– a symbol for the cycle of life, death, rebirth. I wanted something to remind me that things were going to be ok.

It’s been since 6 years, but yey, I finally got it done. It took me a while to draw the right dragon head — I didn’t want anything that looked too scary on my body. Also, I knew I wanted it to look clean and light, instead of massive and heavy.

It wasn’t painful at all. It felt like a little annoying bug that wouldn’t go away. What got to me though was sitting still for an hour and fifteen. It drove me crazy.

Thank you to Katz Lorenzana for this, and to Kris Isaac for coming with me. Happy birthday to me! 🙂

p.s. Kris asked me after, “What will your parents say?” That really made me laugh. I think, that after the pole dancing, the bondage, and everything else, this is the least of their concerns. Kris, you say the cutest things! 🙂