How I lost 20 Pounds (More or Less)

by christinady

Life is better lived with a healthy body. Let’s do this!


Christina Dy is the founder of Polecats Manila. She is an acclaimed international visual artist, an avid math essay reader, and a big fan of peanut butter.


I was never skinny. I didn’t grow up athletic, and my childhood was spent playing the piano and reading encyclopedias. Well, there was a brief flirtation with the Ateneo Varsity Table Tennis team, but that was only because no one else showed up during tryouts. And then my adult life was spent slouched over and drawing. To sum it up, most of my life was spent sitting for long periods of time.

I guess it’s no surprise that I had a 32-inch waistline by the age of 26. It didn’t really bother me back then because I was happy. I had a blossoming career as a production designer, I had a fiancé, I didn’t care about the usual girly things like shopping…

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