Hello Paris!

by christinady

Yes!  I’m  going to Paris!

Corinne and I were first informed by our Silverlens gallerists Isa and Rachel in April this year that we *might* get into Paris Photo. And that if we did, could we make a set of collaborations, like the one we did two years ago? Of course, YES.

For the last collab called A Very Short Flowering Season Corinne took photos of women’s backs (hers and mine included! I wonder who bought my back?); I embroidered flora on sheer fabric which we then layered over the photos. The piece was then mounted on a lightbox, so that the embroidery looked more like illustrations made with a pen.

Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 10.09.59 PM

a very short flowering season 06, 2011

For this new collab called New Pairs we tried everything and everything and everything else. I had been folding paper for a while so I wanted to incorporate that, and she had been playing around with plaster, and she wanted to incorporate that.

After months of work and rolls of paper and tests prints and coffee and cake (lots of coffee and cake!)–  we have it! Our works are now framed, packed, and being shipped to Paris.

Hello Paris Photo !

new pairs 01

corinne’s photo + my paper fold


Our visas have also been approved, and I’m now gathering cold wear. My body and my closet are so NOT built for the cold. So lucky that everyone in Polecats wear roughly the same size, give or take a couple of inches. I really do not want to shop for things I will not be using a lot. (Although, who knows? Who knows where I will go next?)

I’m also now trying to put together a list of places I want to see, although whenever I travel I’m really just happy to sit in a cafe or park somewhere and just watch people.

As I type this I am getting so excited! I’ve never been to Paris before. I love going to new places because the experience always inspires in me a sense of awe and wonder. I always come home energized, and excited to make new work.

GAAAAHHHHHH. That is me being all happy and things. Hello Paris, I will see you soon!