VS 360

by christinady

This year, I am back as Artistic Director of our company Polecats Manila. Part of my job is to make sure we have fresh projects and collaborations. So this year I revived our VS series, where we do themed photo projects.

Past photo projects have included one with Parkour Philippines:

polecats vs pkph

polecats vs pkph

We also did a shoot with light painting:

Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 10.42.38 PM

(look at that light-painted polecats logo! my labor of love. it was really difficult cutting through illustration board!)

For this series, we worked with our good friends and partners-in-fitness, the coaches of 360 Fitness Club. Headed by Coach Chappy Callanta, they offer a complete workout for anyone in just 30 minutes! We decided to look clean and display their strength and our grace.

My good friend and co-Silverlens artist Corinne de San Jose took the photos.

Here’s my photo with 360 coach Nicole Mapilisan:


cd + mapi

I’ve done other stuff with Mapi before:


(He had really sore obliques for three days after this photo. Haha!)

Anyway, the complete VS 360 set is here.

And here we are, looking so not like our usual sweaty selves:


Yey! Polecats ❤ 360  🙂