woman vs food

Allergies have always been a part of my life.  I’ve had them since I was a kid– allergic to chicken,  eggs, seafood, some chemicals in soaps and detergents,  non-cotton clothes, dust, almost everything else.

As I grew up,  things started getting more complicated.  I got lactose intolerance. Chocolates weren’t so good. I got rhinitis. 

But this year– this year I felt healthy.  I had been consistently working out.  A boiled egg here and there wouldn’t hurt me. I could eat some chocolate and not itch.

One day– I had some peanut butter and threw up.  I avoided pb for a while but I felt healthy so I had some.  I would eat a handful of peanuts  every now and then.  I’d have chocolate and more nuts in my trailmix. I took a bite of mackerel. I’d eat products made with egg. 

Until one day, I woke up and both my legs and my torso were covered in hives. I took claritin and it went away for a bit,  but came back that night. I took more claritin and some iterax, but no– for five days the hives spread until this morning it covered my legs, feet, torso, back, arms, hands, and (horrors!) face. I was one giant walking hive.

I hauled myself to the ER, where everyone asked me, what did you eat? To which I had no answrer. The day the hives started to appear,  I just ate steamed and boiled veggies and fresh fruits. So no,  I don’t know what I ate.

They gave me a shot of hydrocortisone and another of diphendydramine which made me woozy. Two hours later, the hives were really pale and almost flat.  Another hour later they were gone and I was discharged.

I was told to avoid: chicken, eggs, seafood, fish, peanuts, chocolate, and processed food. and go see an allergologist.

Eating will be such a challenge now but oh well,  I’ve done now difficult things.

My take on this: little things count.  Those bites of chocolates,  those tiny little cheat days– they will add up and come back to haunt you!  So I took a  photo of my hives (will not post because gross!) just as a reminder of what can happen when I want to eat some chocolate.

So I guess I’ll be eating clean from now on.  Not by choice,  but I guess any reason is a good reason to start. In this battle of woman vs food, I’m determined to win.