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Month: August, 2014

Juxtapoz Magazine – Photography and Drawing Combined

I love collaborations and how they can push the different mediums that come together for a piece of work.  I love how my ideas are stretched and pounded and transformed into something new and different when working with someone.

I first met Juan when I had to design 3 grueling sets for 3 days for his photos because no one else wanted to do the job, hahaha.

We became friends and did a lot of projects together before coming up with this set of pieces called Stereo I. And years later it comes out on Juxtapoz. Yey! 🙂


You are what you eat, really.


It’s been 4 weeks since I had to go on a hypoallergenic diet because of severe allergies that landed me in the ER.

That means 4 weeks of ranting about food,  fixating on food smells,  learning how to make my own food, trying to adjust to a chemical-full world when my diet should be chemical-free.

It’s also been 4 weeks of lessening my workouts because non-cotton sports bras make me itch, hot places (like the gym or yoga studio) make me sweat which then makes me itch.

But a funny thing happened though.  While I was busy getting angry about food and the lack of exercise (I want my endorphins!!!),  I was losing weight. I didn’t notice until people kept pointing it out and my shorts got so loose that my friend had to give me a belt. 

I also have so much energy now. I used to think I had bipolar tendencies (oh so dramatic) but all those severe mood swings were just caused by the wrong food.

So there.  It’s true.  You are what you eat. Try it out and see the difference.

Where to Eat on a Hypoallergenic Diet: The Wholesome Table

It’s been 28 days since I started my hypoallergenic lifestyle as mandated by my doctor,  my derma,  and my hives.

That means: no chicken,  eggs, seafood,  dairy, chocolate, nuts, processed food,  soy, wheat and other great grains (omg Thank God I can eat rice). No chemicals so everything is fresh.  And last week I could finally have citrus! 

This also means all my clothes now are 100% cotton,  and those that can’t be helped (sports bras, etc) I must take off once I start sweating.

I’ve adapted to this–  I now bring my own food and there’s an apple even in my evening purse. But eating out is a challenge.  Who knew there were so much chemicals in our food?

So I heard about the organic restaurant The Wholesome Table and decided to check it out with my friend Corinne.



I read their philosophy and it was exactly what I believed in.

As expected though,  I couldn’t eat 90+% of their menu– chicken,  eggs,  fish,  bread, pizza,  pasta, nuts. Organic doesn’t necessarily mean I’m not allergic to it.

It was easy navigating the menu– they had labels for the food– VGN (vegan), NF (nut-free), GF (gluten-free). I saw one item with these three labels– quinoa with tahini but I wasn’t excited by it.

I did find the Buddha Bowl which was labeled VGN– a brown rice bowl topped with thai red curry and assorted vegetables and peanut brittle. I had the peanut brittle taken out.

As for drinks– I don’t even bother checking the drink list. It’s always just water,  water,  water. 

While waiting,  they served us bread.  Oh the most wonderful smelling bread!  With butter! 
I didn’t eat it,  but I smelled the sh*t out of it haha.  Corinne even asked for extra salt.


And then food–food!  Her braised pork fettuccine arrived— looked so good and with a side of greens,  too.

And then my food–


It’s yummy and pretty too!  And just the right size.  I was so happy with the lime wedge– because yes I could finally eat citrus!  This was really good,  one of the best dishes I’ve had the past 28 days. The only thing I’d add is more vegetables! (OK is that really me taking. )

Quite satisfied with the meal and the whole dining experience. Will definitely return and try the quinoa bowl and maybe some juices.

Yeyyy for hypoallergenic eating! 

The Wholesome Table is at Bonifacio High Street Central.