Dating a Hoarder

by christinady

Several years ago,  as I was shifting to a minimalist life, I was also dating a hoarder.

I’m far from being a super minimalist,  and I drown in consumerism sometimes, and I don’t mind when people aren’t into minimalism, but hoarding! Hoarding is another level.

He was super smart and talented and funny. He also loved spending money. on things. that he did not need or use. He had a room full of books that he never read (but I did, thank you), a room full of shoes that looked alike to me (except for a green kermit the frog adidas which was really cute), a living room full of toys that were gathering dust. Whenever I’d sleep over,  I’d always just stay on the bed– because that was the only place that was empty. Even the space around the bed was crammed full of things.

(I don’t mind things– especially things that make us happy. I dated a guy who loved music so much; he had cds and records and musical instruments and he enjoyed them all.)

After some time,  I decided that I can’t live with someone like that. It was just really obvious that we had different values.

I guess it’s the same for any kind of relationship– you find people with the same values and everything else is just white noise.