A Minimalist Approach to Dressing Up

by christinady

Or ok, maybe it should be dressing down.

There was a period in my life when it took so much time and effort to figure out what to wear every morning,  and double the time and effort for special occasions.

And then I read an article about willpower and decision-making. It said that we have a finite amount of willpower that was renewable everyday. Meaning, if you use it up making small decisions early in the day, you probably won’t have any left later on which can result,  among other things, late night snacking and other bad decisions.

So the goal was to make the little things as routine as possible to reserve decision making skills for the important tasks.

It sounded a lot like minimalism to me– take away the non-essentials to focus on the things that matter.

So I streamlined my wardrobe. (Concrete steps on how to do that in another post.) Everything is black and plain and cotton. So that whatever I pull out from the closet would match. I have black dresses for dressier occasions. I have tops and shorts and pants. They all go together.

I won’t have ootd posts because I wear the same things every 2weeks on rotation.  But it’s very liberating. Wearing black makes me look dressed up,  I don’t need to be so careful about dirt, and it has a slimming effect. 

Most of all, I can get dressed in 5minutes or less and use my time for other things. After all, life is for living,  and not just dressing the part.