Voluntary Simplicity

I adopted a new habit recently, and that is listening to podcasts while stretching before I sleep.  I tried just stretching but found it tedious. I tried just listening to podcasts and found I couldn’t sit still for an hour.  And then I tried both at the same time and it works! 

Now I’m listening to The Tim Ferriss show. Tim Ferriss is the author of the 4-hour books. 4 hour workweek, body, chef.  I love that he experiments with everything so that I don’t have to, and I could just use the most efficient way to achieve whatever goal I want. I value my time a lot, so all his books provide me with valuable time-maximizing tips.
Last night I listened to him interview Kevin Kelly. I’ve never heard of Kevin Kelly before (nonsense) but wow, what an interesting man! Co- founder of All Species Foundation– a non-profit cataloging all species on earth. Co-founder of the Rosetta Project– this one aims to catalog all documented human languages. And that’s just two of the things he does. So cool , you have to listen to the podcast here.

But more than all their accomplishments, I really like when they said that you don’t need a lot to live a contented life. Ferriss brings up Stoic philosophy and how they advocate a life of poverty. And then Kelly brings up the term voluntary simplicity.  Because living a simple life that is forced on you is not fun, but that if you choose it then there is freedom in that choice and you can choose how you want to fill your life.

It’s kind of amazing how much crap I have in my life. I don’t even consider myself a shopper, and I try to give things away but wow, all those years of nonsense stuff are difficult to get rid of. 

I find that I work better and sleep better and think better in a clean simple room. I do appreciate maximalist design sometimes but often, clutter gives me headaches. Even if it’s organized clutter.

So there.  Now I’m in the process of emptying my life– first of stuff then later on, of preconceived ideas and harmful thoughts– so that I can choose what to fill my life with. 

There are different ways to live a simple life,  I am finding one that is right for me, and it’s not always easy.

What I like with this ongoing process–of minimalism or voluntary simplicity or whatever you want to call it– is that it frees up my time,  energy,  and money to go to people and things and activities that I truly love and believe in. 

There are so many ways to live a life. I want to make sure I live mine the way I want to.