Where to Eat on a Hypoallergenic Diet: Kitchen 1B

by christinady

After watching a movie on zombies and love,  with an apple and a banana as movie fare, I was hungry again.  OK that’s a half truth. The truth is I’m always hungry.

My friends decided to go to Kitchen 1B to try it out.  Ok let’s go.


Such a fancy place!  I liked the table setting and the high ceiling and the light fixtures.  The seat covers not so.  Colors were OK but the fabric didn’t feel good against my skin.  Probably not 100% cotton,  but that’s really just my problem.

The menu was digital–


Kitchen 1B is marketed as a healthy food place but as expected,  I couldn’t eat most of the things on their menu. 

When this happens,  I go and order sides.  Last night I had sweet potato grows fries, organic brown rice,  and a side of  cruciferous vegetables. This is exactly what I eat every day,  except it was way more expensive here.  Hahaha. If it weren’t to see friends,  I’d really stop eating out.

It was a so-so meal — how different can veggies taste? Hahaha.

But then,  dessert!  Which wasn’t digital–


And OMG! Can you see that??? Dairy-free ice cream! I got the Adam’s Seriously Good ice cream in Coco Van as the others had nuts or chocolate.


Fresh coconut milk and Madagascar vanilla.  Organic and 100% natural. The first real dessert I’ve had in over 2 months.  And it was sooo good!

This made my day and I forgive Kitchen 1B for its overpriced so-so food. Next time I come here I will just get the ice cream.

Adam’s is also available at the Legazpi Sunday Market so I guess I know where I’m going this weekend.  I love you Adam! Thank you! 

Kitchen 1B is at the ground floor of KL Tower  Gamboa St, Legazpi Village, Makati City.