Hypoallergenic Eating in KL

by christinady

Traveling has been a source of anxiety for me since I started my hypoallergenic diet. Cooking is not an option,  and besides,  I want to try the cuisine of the place in traveling to.

Last week I was in Malaysia to judge the Pole Stars Championships. I was quite excited to discover what I could eat.

First night,  we went to Jalan Alor– a streetful of hawker stands! We settled in this Chinese restaurant.  And it was then that I realized most menus only served chicken and seafood, Malaysia being a Muslim country.  The only thing on the menu I could eat was bak kut teh– pork in clear soup. So I ordered that with a cup of white rice. And I ordered in Chinese!  Years of studying in a Chinese School is paying off haha.


top: Jalan Alor. bottom: bak kut teh

Afterwards we looked for fruit,  just so I’d have something to eat at the hotel. There were lots of stalls selling durian and other street food,  but I settled for dragonfruit and papaya.


The next day,  we had buffet breakfast at the hotel. So happy we booked through Agoda.com and stayed at Ibis Styles Fraser Business Park! Every RM spent was worth it– fun clean rooms complete with amenities pkus breakfast buffet! I had rice,  beans, greens,  fruits,  black coffee. The bread looked good but! Bread,  I cannot eat.

Lunch was at Old Town at the ground floor of our hotel. Again it was all chicken,  so I had curry potato with prata (just one piece). And my new favorite dessert, cendol. It’s beans with coconut milk! (OK fine the green noodles with pandan flavoring aren’t exactly hypoallergenic,  but better than chicken. )


top: curry potato and prata. bottom: cendol

Then we went to Chinatown for some rice,  veggies and roasted pork. yummmmm.
Dessert was at Central Market– pandan puto-bumbong. And then some more desert at Precious Old China, still at the Central Market. We had versions of burbur– Coconut milk with sweet potatoes and yam, and coconut milk with black rice.  Now this was good!


top: pandan puto bumbong. bottom: burbur (porridge) variations

I skipped the food at the cocktails that night since everything was duck or seafood.  I ended up eating a veggie rice pack from 7-11, and since I was so hungry,  a piece of coffee bread. In a pinch,  I choose the lesser evil.  Gluten will give me a bum tummy, but chicken and seafood will give me hives.

Next day I visited my high school friend who opened a juice shop called La Juiceria. They make cold pressed juices! So healthy and delicious.


Anabelle gave me the Fruit Tea and the PAM (pineapple apple mint) in a really cute tote (I use the tote all the time now!). Both so refreshing! If you’re in KL make sure to visit their shop at MidValley Megamall.


And that’s it.  I ate more bak kut teh because I could and even snuck in a kaya toast at the airport on the way home– not the best idea. I got a sore throat from the sugar.

That was a really fun trip and not so bad for my allergies. Not so good for my gluten intolerance but I’ll take it. Got to live it up a bit from time to time.  🙂