My New Favorite Food Place: Marketplace by Rustan’s

by christinady

I teach pole classes at the Fort every Thursday and sometimes I have several hours gap in between,  so I’m always on the lookout for healthy places to eat in.

I wander into Central Mall (where the theater is) and see a sign saying Marketplace is open. Being a curious cat, of course I check it out.

And wow! So happy that I did!

They sell ready-to-eat food like pastas and roasted chicken. They also have sushi plates. No photos– I forget to take photos of things I can’t eat haha. For that day,  I stick to roasted veggies and sausages. (They also have the best plastic spoon fork and knife. Knife! Super sturdy and won’t break. Not very environment-friendly so next time I’ll bring my own.)


They also have fresh fruits and some chips that I can actually eat.


And they have a tiny but pleasant eating area.


I checked out the supermarket area as well– wow they have such a good selection! 
Check these out– some stuff I can’t eat but were too pretty to not take a photo of.


And also, they sell potted herbs.


This is heaven for me.  I always drop by every Thursday.  If you’re in the Fort,  check this place out.  So much fun 🙂