Lightwater Ambassadors Dinner

by christinady

Three years ago,  Lightwater partnered with Polecats Manila to be brand ambassadors.
Since then,  Lightwater has helped us and our students go beyond limits in our projects.
I’m allergic to chemicals  so Lightwater is perfect– no sugar, no sodium,  just electrolytes in a pH level of 8.2. It means it replenishes nutrients lost during a workout.

Last December 4, we were invited by Lightwater to an ambassadors dinner at Treehouse in A.Venue. They were launching their hashtag #begreater .


As we were waiting for dinner,  photos of Lightwater ambassadors were flashed on the screen.


Then we had a sports trivia game, where the winners got Lightwater rolling luggage. And then it was announced that there would be raffle prizes.  I never win, and I told Amaya so.

As expected,  the raffle was almost done and I still wasn’t called.  Amaya won a gadget that monitors oxygen in the blood while working out.  And then, for the next prize, an iHealth (a fitness and sleep tracker,  quite fancy! )– the host Yesu Labrado called my name. Wow!
And then, the final prize was a GoPro 3. Everyone was eligible to win the Grand prize.  I was still so giddy from winning when the host called my name again! I was so surprised I kissed him and Jasper Ong of Lightwater on the cheek haha.


host Yesu Labrado, me, Jasper Ong of Lightwater


fun stuff from the Lightwater dinner!

Thank you Lightwater! Amaya and I had so much fun!

Here’s to more years of working together. Thank you for helping us #begreater.