Where to Eat on a Hypoallergenic Diet: Slice

by christinady

Slice is known for their cakes,  especially their yema cake (mmmmm), but they have other healthier options.

I ordered their spicy tapa (chemical-free and spiced with siling labuyo) that came with brown rice mixed with vegetables (yes) and vinegar for dipping (not necessary,  the tapa is good enough on its own). It also came with an egg. But since I can’t eat that,  it went to my lunch mate Miko.


A couple of weeks ago, I ate at Slice too and ordered their vegetable omelette, without the egg. The egg went to my friend.


It’s great that these restaurants can alter their menu to fit my allergic needs. I’m very grateful. Thank you!

Slice is at High Street Central, BGC.